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Maester.svg Maester
Title Maester at Harrenhal
Died 299 AC
Book A Clash of Kings (mentioned)

Tothmure is a maester of the Citadel at Harrenhal.[1]

Recent Events

A Clash of Kings

Lord Tywin Lannister is aided by three maesters during his occupation of Harrenhal.[2] It is unclear if Tothmure accompanied Tywin's army from the westerlands, or if he was already the castle's maester under Shella Whent, the former Lady of Harrenhal. Tothmure receives Stannis Baratheon's letter concerning the illegitimacy of Queen Cersei Lannister's children with King Robert I Baratheon. Tywin orders the maester to burn the letter and never speak of the subject again. Arya Stark overhears Tothmure's serving girl tell her brother about the letter.[2]

Because Tothmure sends ravens to King's Landing and Casterly Rock during the fall of Harrenhal to northmen, the castle's new occupant, Lord Roose Bolton, has the maester executed and his head put on a spike.[1]


Do the ravens remember Maester Tothmure? Arya wondered. Are they sad for him? When they quork at him, do they wonder why he doesn't answer? Perhaps the dead could speak to them in some secret tongue the living could not hear.[1]

—thoughts of Arya Stark