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Genealogical Tables of the Great Houses of Westeros

These family trees are of my own creation, and I will admit that I have taken some liberties with them. A number of relationships are assumed, and information from the Blood of Dragons MUSH is included. For House Baratheon, information from the Lineages book prop from the TV series is also added, though it is in no way canon (and only added to 'flesh out' the tree a little more). Despite this, I have attempted to make them as accurate as possible, depicting the families from the time of the Conquest through to the War of the Five Kings - with the exception of the Targaryens, whose tree reckons from their leaving Valyria.

Hopefully they are straightforward enough to understand, but in case not, here's a brief key: solid lines indicate legitimate issue, whereas dotted lines connect to bastards. Double lines between two children show that they are twins. Double lines connecting spouses (like elongated '='s) are marriages, while a series of three tildes (~) is an unwed couple, showing both parents of an illegitimate child, if known. Those names that are underlined are the heads (or claim to be heads) of the house.


Targaryen tree full-size


Arryn tree full-size


Baratheon tree full-size


Greyjoy tree full-size


Lannister tree full-size


Martell tree full-size


Stark tree full-size


Tully tree full-size


Tyrell tree full-size