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My name is Hooper. That is my full legal and real name, not a online handle. BookHipsters can rightfully say that they followed the series before it was cool, but I can not. I am thankful to HBO for letting me discover the series, of which I have now read all released novels and am anxiously awaiting the next release. I am fond of Tyrion, but, then again - who isn't?

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House Hooper

House Hooper
House Hooper.PNG
"Our Way is the Old Way"
Seat Paducah
Region The Midwest
Title N/A
Heir Hooper
Overlord House Targaryen
Cadet branch House Cossey
Ancestral weapon N/A
Founder George the Elder
Founded c. 1540

House Hooper is a house in the midwest United States, which traces its decent from George the Elder and his son, Arch Bishop George Hooper. The house has birthed numerous members of the clergy, and is unique in that it's male line is a rare western mononymous family.


The Hoopers began as apprentice smiths, creating barrel hoops and other accessories in the early sixteenth century in the rural areas of Frome, England. The family eventually grew in prosperity under George Hooper, known as George the Elder. His son, also named George, became Arch Bishop and in a bid to end confusion between him and his father, began going by his surname as simply Hooper. This created a tradition, and for centuries male members of the family were not given a birth name. In the last century, a birth name has been given but is always disused when the male becomes a man, as deemed so by his father. Thus, the Hooper line is one of the few true mononymous lines, and this practice has found its way into modern pop culture which characters with the surname in numerous films and novels also being referred to simply as Hooper.

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