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Archmaester.svg Archmaester
  • Vinegar Vaellyn[1]
  • The Stargazer[1]
Title Archmaester of astronomy
Allegiance The Citadel
Book A Feast for Crows (mentioned)

Archmaester Vaellyn, also known as Vinegar Vaellyn, is one of the teachers at the Citadel of Oldtown.

Appearance and Character

Vaellyn teaches and judges the subject of the heavens,[2] presumably astronomy, which has led people to call him "the Stargazer".[1] He is renowned for his acid tongue, which has earned him his nickname "Vinegar Vaellyn". His ring, rod, and mask are bronze.[1]


Vaellyn gave Archmaester Marwyn the nickname "Marwyn the Mage" when Marwyn returned from spending eight years in the east. However, he was annoyed when the nickname soon spread all over of Oldtown.[2] The first time the novice Pate tried out for a link of his chain, he went before Vaellyn, who criticized him harshly. When Pate was later accused of theft, Vaellyn was among the archmaesters who interrogated him.[2]