A Feast for Crows-Chapter 39

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Cersei IX
A Feast for Crows chapter
POV Cersei Lannister
Place King's Landing
Page 574 UK HC (Other versions)
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Cersei VIII
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Cersei X


With Pycelle prostrate before her, Cersei accuses him of letting Gyles Rosby die, because she believes he is now taking orders from Margaery. The Grand Maester denies this, explaining that he visits the young queen to give her sleeping potions, but Cersei knows otherwise. Forcing a confession from him that he also brings Margaery moon tea, she then commands him to announce that Lord Rosby's dying wish was to donate all his lands and incomes to the Crown.

Lady Taena wonders how Margaery could be so foolish, but Cersei is too excited to care. She does realize that she will need more proof in order to have Margaery executed for treason, knowing that she must arrange to have the girl caught in the act. She asks Taena and her husband to bring the Blue Bard to dinner that night.

During the meal, Cersei demotes Ser Harys Swyft to Lord Treasurer, and with the position of Hand now vacant, she offers the title to Lord Orton Merryweather. Lord Orton accepts, although he is notably uncomfortable during the dinner, particularly due to the presence of Margaery's favorite singer.

Cersei wastes little time moving on to the Blue Bard, accusing him of sleeping with Queen Margaery. The singer denies it, despite Cersei smashing him in the face with his own lute, and even later in the black cells under interrogation by Qyburn. But the defrocked maester tortures the singer into submission, and they lead him to say what they want. He accuses several others of also having carnal knowledge of Margaery, and then Cersei promises that he will be allowed to take the black after he confesses in front of the court.

Later, Taena persuades Cersei to name Alla as innocent, since they may be able to use her to bear witness against Margaery and her other cousins. At breakfast, Tommen mentions that Margaery will be at the Sept for Maiden's Day.

Cersei then launches the final move of her scheme, commanding Ser Osney to go before the High Septon and admit his sins of "bedding" Margaery, Elinor and Megga. The youngest Kettleblack agrees to do so, but states, "The best lies have some truth in 'em... to give 'em flavor, as it were," so the Queen Regent then allows him to have his way with her.

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