A Storm of Swords-Chapter 20

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Catelyn III
A Storm of Swords chapter
POV Catelyn
Place Riverrun
Page 225 UK HC (Other versions)
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Catelyn IV


Robb stands with all his bannermen attending as the bodies of Willem Lannister and Tion Frey are laid before him. The Greatjon brings Lord Rickard Karstark and four of his men to Robb as prisoners.

Rickard, who was overcome with grief and anger, sought vengeance for the loss of his two sons. After Catelyn released Ser Jaime Lannister from captivity, he and his men murdered Willem Lannister and Tion Frey in their cells at Riverrun, killing the guards Delp and Elwood in the process. Robb orders Rickard's accomplices to be hanged and sentences Rickard to death, knowing that he must perform the execution himself, as both the Starks and Karstarks are descended from the First Men.

The rest of the Karstark men had already departed Riverrun to seek out and kill Jaime Lannister, also offering gold and the hand of Rickard's daughter, Alys, in marriage to anyone who could turn the Kingslayer over to them. Edmure urges Robb to hold Lord Karstark hostage and not to let word get out to the Freys or Lannisters about the deaths of the two squires. Robb feels he has been betrayed by the murder, however, and has no choice but to kill the man whose two sons died defending his life.

Robb carries out the sentence in the rainy godswood of Riverrun the next morning, beheading Rickard before the heart tree. That night, Jeyne comes to Catelyn for advice in comforting Robb, and the young woman promises that she will soon bear Robb's son if the gods answer her prayers.

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