A Storm of Swords-Chapter 7

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Jon I
A Storm of Swords chapter
Place Frostfangs
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A Clash of Kings
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Jon is brought before Mance Rayder, since Rattleshirt doesn’t trust him. In the King’s tent, Jon mistakes Styr for Mance Rayder. But it is the gray-haired man playing the lute who is the King-Beyond-the-Wall. Rattleshirt reveals his misgivings about Jon to the king, but Mance wishes to speak with Jon alone.

Mance Rayder - Art by Joshua Cairós. © Fantasy Flight Games

Mance indicates that he has seen Jon twice before, once when he was still a black brother and Jon just a boy, and again during King Robert’s visit to Winterfell. Mance had disguised himself as a singer in order to see King Robert and get the measure of Benjen Stark, who was a bane to the wildlings. Testing Jon, he asks why he deserted the Night’s Watch, but Jon asks him to tell his story first. The king explains that he had been wounded in a hunt and treated by an old wildling woman. She mended his cloak with burgundy fabric which was rare for wildlings to have and hence very valuable to part with. When Mance returned to the Watch, they replaced his cloak with a new black one emphasizing the importance of the black uniform and not recognizing the symbolism of her gift. Mance came to resent the restriction to the new black cloak of the Night’s Watch.

Jon, knowing now that Mance was at Winterfell, asks, "And did you see where I was seated Mance? Did you see where they put the bastard?" The king then accepts Jon as member of the free folk.

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