Agnes Blackwood

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House Blackwood.svg Lady
Agnes Blackwood
House Blackwood.svg
Title Lady of Raventree Hall[1]
Allegiance House Blackwood
Culture Rivermen
Died Century of Blood[1]
Issue At least four sons[1]
Book The World of Ice & Fire (mentioned)

Agnes Blackwood was a Lady of Raventree Hall and head of House Blackwood.[1]


Agnes led the Blackwoods when King Harwyn Hoare of the Iron Islands invaded the northern riverlands. After Samwell Rivers' small force was destroyed by Harwyn on the Tumblestone, Lord Tommen Tully joined his strength to that of Agnes at Raventree Hall. When she marched on Harwyn's ironborn, however, Agnes was attacked from behind by her neighboring rival, Lord Lothar Bracken. Lothar delivered Agnes and two of her sons to Harwyn, who strangled the boys himself. Harwyn offered to make Agnes a salt wife, as he was impressed with her demeanor, but she said she would rather die; he stabbed her after her rejection. The defeat of the Blackwoods ended the rivermen's resistance to Harwyn, but the Storm King Arrec Durrandon then marched on the ironborn.[1]


I have other sons. Raventree shall endure long after you and yours are cast down and destroyed. Your line shall end in blood and fire.[1]

—Agnes to Harwyn Hoare (attributed by Maester Yandel to singers)

I would sooner have your sword inside me than your cock.[1]

—Agnes to Harwyn Hoare


Last known title holder:
Roderick Blackwood
Lady of Raventree
~100 BC
Next known title holder:
Lord Blackwood