Arlan III Durrandon

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Arlan III Durrandon

Biographical Information
Full Name Arlan III Durrandon
Other Titles Storm King
Royal House House Durrandon
Books The World of Ice & Fire (mentioned)

Arlan III Durrandon was the Storm King from House Durrandon who conquered the riverlands.


Arlan married one of the daughters of Lord Roderick Blackwood, wedding her beneath Raventree Hall's great weirwood. When Roderick rebelled against King Humfrey I Teague, Arlan supported Roderick and intended to restore the riverlands to the Blackwoods. Arlan's stormlanders crushed the Teagues in the Battle of Six Kings, but Roderick was slain in battle. Roderick's heir was a boy of only eight and Arlan distrusted Roderick's brothers. He suggested crowning Roderik's eldest child, Shiera Blackwood, who was wed to his own son, but the riverlord rejected this suggestion. Arlan then decided to add the riverlands to the realm of the Storm Kings.[1] Arlan was able to plant the banner of the Durrandons on the shores of the Sunset Sea. Arlan's successors were not able to hold his gains, however.[2]


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