Battle of Long Lake

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Battle of Long Lake
Date 226 AC
Place Long Lake
Result Stark victory
Free Folk House Stark
House Umber
Raymun Redbeard Lord Willam Stark+
Lord Harmond Umber
unknown unknown
significant unknown
Lord Willam Stark+

The Battle of Long Lake was fought between wildlings and the forces of House Stark and House Umber.


Raymun Redbeard, the King-Beyond-the-Wall, united the wildlings beyond the Wall. The Night's Watch, whose guard was down, let Raymun's reavers get atop the Wall and throw down ladders for the army waiting beneath. The army of wildlings attacked south of the Wall, causing Lord Willam Stark to leave Winterfell and march north, calling Lord Harmond Umber's banners too.[1]


Lord Willam and Lord Harmond met Raymun on the shores of Long Lake. There, Lord Willam Stark was slain and beheaded. Artos the Implacable, Lord Willam's younger brother slew Raymun and the wildling force was defeated.[2][1] The sons of Raymun Redbeard were also killed, but his younger brother, Red Raven, fled back beyond the Wall.[3]


The Night's Watch arrived too late to join the battle. Artos ordered them to dispose of the dead. The Lord Commander of the Night's Watch, Jack Musgood, was known as Sleepy Jack afterwards.[2][1] Raymun's death was the last major wildling threat until the rise of Mance Rayder during the War of the Five Kings.

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