Jack Musgood

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House Musgood.svg Lord Commander
Jack Musgood
Sleepy Jack
Night's Watch.svg
  • Jolly Jack
  • Sleepy Jack
Title Lord Commander of the Night's Watch
Culture Stormlander
Died 226239 AC[1]

Jack Musgood, known earlier as Jolly Jack and later as Sleepy Jack, was a member of House Musgood who rose to become Lord Commander of the Night's Watch.[2]


Under Jack's watch, King-Beyond-the-Wall Raymun Redbeard and his free folk host slipped past the Wall and headed south. This drew the forces of House Umber and House Stark to Long Lake, where Raymun and Lord Willam Stark were killed in battle. The Night's Watch arrived too late to participate in the battle and were ordered by Artos Stark to dispose of the dead. This series of events led Sleepy Jack to earn his nickname.[3][2]


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Last known title holder:
Lothor Burley
Lord Commander of the Night's Watch
~226 AC
Next known title holder:
Brynden Rivers