Battle of Wendwater Bridge

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Battle of Wendwater Bridge
Conflict Fourth Blackfyre Rebellion
Date 236 AC
Place Wendwater in the crownlands
Result House Targaryen victory
House Targaryen House Blackfyre
Golden Company
Aegon V Targaryen
Duncan the Tall
Daemon III Blackfyre
Aegor Rivers
unknown unknown
less than 100
Tion Lannister
unknown but numerous
Daemon III Blackfyre

The Battle of Wendwater Bridge was the decisive battle along the Wendwater during the Fourth Blackfyre Rebellion.


Daemon III Blackfyre and the Golden Company of Aegor Rivers landed at Massey's Hook. The rebellion had little support, however, as people thought the Blackfyres to be done, as tattered as their banners. Accompanied by his three sons, Princes Duncan, Jaehaerys, and Daeron, King Aegon V led the loyalists of House Targaryen.

The Blackfyres suffered a shattering defeat in the Battle of Wendwater Bridge, with their casualties filling the river and Daemon slain by Ser Duncan the Tall of Aegon's Kingsguard. The loyalists lost less than a hundred men, but they included Ser Tion Lannister. Daemon's ally, Aegor, retreated across the narrow sea again, and the war was quickly over.[1][2]


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