Fourth Blackfyre Rebellion

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Fourth Blackfyre Rebellion
Part of Blackfyre Pretenders
Date 236AC
Location Massey's Hook, the Crownlands
Battles Battle of Wendwater Bridge
Result Death of Daemon III Targaryen

Iron Throne
Golden Company
House Blackfyre
Notable commanders
Aegon V
Ser Duncan the Tall
Daemon III Targaryen

The Fourth Blackfyre Rebellion was a brief conflict during the reign of Aegon V Targaryen. The pretender Daemon III Targaryen led his forces across the Narrow Sea and landed at Massey's Hook.

However, his invasion had little support, as people believed the Blackfyres to be as tattered as their banners. The rebellion ended at the Battle of Wendwater Bridge, in which Ser Duncan the Tall slew Daemon III, forcing Bittersteel to flee back to Essos. Tion Lannister, the second son and then-current heir of Lord Gerold Lannister, died in battle, making Tytos Lannister the new heir to Casterly Rock.[1]

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