Fourth Blackfyre Rebellion

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Fourth Blackfyre Rebellion
Part of the Blackfyre Rebellions
Dunk at Masseys.jpg
Ser Duncan the Tall fights at Massey's Hook during the Fourth Blackfyre Rebellion
Art by Rondolfo

Date 236 AC
Location Massey's Hook, the crownlands
Battles Battle of Wendwater Bridge
Result Death of Daemon III Blackfyre
House Targaryen.svg Iron Throne/House Targaryen House Blackfyre 2.svg House Blackfyre
  • Golden Company.svg Golden Company
  • House Yronwood.svg House Yronwood[N 1]
  • Notable commanders
    House Targaryen.svg King Aegon V Targaryen
    Dunk.svg Ser Duncan the Tall
    House Blackfyre 2.svg Daemon III Blackfyre
    Bittersteel.svg Ser Aegor Rivers
    UnknownGolden Company
    House Lannister.svg Ser Tion LannisterHouse Blackfyre 2.svg Daemon III Blackfyre

    The Fourth Blackfyre Rebellion was a brief conflict during the reign of King Aegon V Targaryen.[1]


    The eldest son of Haegon I Blackfyre, Daemon III Blackfyre, had been crowned by Aegor "Bittersteel" Rivers in Tyrosh, following Haegon's death during the end of the Third Blackfyre Rebellion.[2] In 233 AC, during the Great Council in 233 AC, Daemon's uncle, Haegon's younger brother, Aenys Blackfyre, had tried to make his claim, and travelled to King's Landing, but he was arrested and killed on the orders of Brynden "Bloodraven" Rivers.[3] This caused the enmity of the exiles in Essos to harden, instead of lessen. As a six-year, cruel, winter was ending, Daemon decided to make the crossing.[1]

    The Rebellion

    Daemon III Blackfyre led his forces across the narrow sea, with Aegor Rivers and the Golden Company at his back, and landed at Massey's Hook.[1]

    Daemon III's hope was that winning a few small victories in Westeros would encourage more lords to rally to his support. In truth, the Blackfyre cause was already starting to fade: to most Westerosi lords the Blackfyre host seemed an army of foreigners holding tattered old banners of a failed usurper who had died forty years ago. The hoped-for groundswell of support never happened, and the invasion never spread far beyond the initial landings in the stormlands.

    King Aegon V Targaryen and his three sons, Princes Duncan, Jaehaerys, and Daeron, rode out themselves to face the rebels. The rebellion soon ended at the Battle of Wendwater Bridge, where the Blackfyre army was defeated, and Ser Duncan the Tall of the Kingsguard slew Daemon III. Aegor Rivers escaped once more, fleeing back to Essos.[1]

    Ser Tion Lannister, the second son and heir of Lord Gerold Lannister, died at Wendwater Bridge, making his younger brother, Tytos Lannister, the new heir to Casterly Rock.[4]


    Aegor Rivers emerged in the Disputed Lands a few years after the rebellion, fighting with his sellswords in a skirmish between Tyrosh and Myr. Despite Aegor's death a few years after the Fourth Blackfyre Rebellion, the Blackfyre cause would remain until 260 AC.[1][5]


    1. House Yronwood fought on the side of House Blackfyre for three of the five Blackfyre Rebellions (A Feast for Crows, Chapter 13, The Soiled Knight). They are known not to have fought in the Second or Fifth Rebellion, leaving the first, third, and fourth.


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