Casterly Rock

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Casterly Rock
Fortress, Regional Capitol
Casterly rock by feliche.jpg
Casterly Rock by Feliche©.
Location the Westerlands, Westeros.
Government House Lannister , Feudal Lord.
Religion Faith of the Seven
Founded Before the Age of Heroes.
Named for House Casterly
The Westerlands and the location of Casterly Rock
The Westerlands and the location of Casterly Rock
Casterly Rock

Casterly Rock, nicknamed the Rock, is a fortress and the seat of House Lannister. The capital of the Westerlands, it overlooks the harbor of Lannisport and the Sunset Sea.



The fortress is carved out of a great stone hill and its natural defenses are further enhanced with walls and other structures. It is tunneled through with halls and chambers, with a huge keep at its peak. Gold-producing mines are possibly still productive in the hill.[1]

Three key rooms within the Rock are the Golden Gallery, the Lion's Mouth and the Hall of Heroes, where the Lannisters and their close kin who have died valiantly are interred. From below the Rock thunder can be heard, where the sea comes in.[2] There is a place called the Stone Garden within the castle;[3] it contains a weirwood a tenth the size of Raventree Hall's.[4]


The Rock has never fallen. Legend says that Casterly Rock is named for the family that ruled it in the Age of Heroes, the Casterlys, who no longer exist. The Lannisters trace their rule over it back to Lann the Clever, who tricked the Casterlys out of their castle and claimed it for his own.[5] After Harrenhal, the Rock is most likely the second-largest castle in the realm.[6]

Aeron Greyjoy was captured after the Battle of Fair Isle, taken to Lannisport in chains, and spent the rest of the Greyjoy Rebellion imprisoned in Casterly Rock.[7]

When Tyrion Lannister became a man at sixteen, he was forbidden from taking a tour of the Free Cities as his uncles Gerion and Tygett had done. Instead Lord Tywin Lannister gave Tyrion charge of all the cisterns and drains at Casterly Rock.[8]

Recent Events

A Game of Thrones

After hearing of the capture of his son Tyrion Lannister by Lady Catelyn Tully, Lord Tywin Lannister raises two hosts at Casterly Rock, beginning a conflict which would develop into the War of the Five Kings.

A Storm of Swords

Tyrion Lannister demands his birthright of the lordship of Casterly Rock from his father, Tywin, and is harshly rejected.

Tyrion asks his new wife Sansa Stark if she wants to visit the Rock, wanting to show her where he and Jaime Lannister grew up, but also desiring to keep her away from the abuses of his nephew Joffrey Baratheon. She remains impassive and Tyrion withdraws this offer.

Tywin Lannister, Lord of Casterly Rock, is killed in King's Landing by his son Tyrion.[9]

A Feast for Crows

Ser Damion Lannister, a distant cousin of the main branch, is named castellan of Casterly Rock by Queen Cersei Lannister.[10]

The Hall of Heroes
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They say there is naught but stone at the heart of Casterly Rock."
Catelyn Stark

The Lannisters were an old family, tracing their descent back to Lann the Clever, a trickster from the Age of Heroes who was no doubt as legendary as Bran the Builder, though far more beloved of singers and taletellers. In the songs, Lann was the fellow who winkled the Casterlys out of Casterly Rock with no weapon but his wits, and stole gold from the sun to brighten his curly hair.

- Eddard Stark

What do I want, you ask? I’ll tell you what I want. I want what is mine by rights. I want Casterly Rock." . . . Lord Tywin’s eyes were a pale green flecked with gold, as luminous as they were merciless. “Casterly Rock,” he declared in a flat cold dead tone. And then, “Never.” The word hung between them, huge, sharp, poisoned.

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