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A sept is a building where followers of the Faith of the Seven worship.[1] A sept is a single building with seven walls. Some septs are very small and humble while others are large and magnificent, such as the Great Sept of Baelor.

Every sept houses representational art portraying each of the seven aspects. In rural septs, they may merely be carved masks or simple charcoal drawings on a wall, while in wealthy septs, they may be statutes inlaid with precious metals and stones.

Worshipers light candles before the altars of the symbolizing each of the seven aspects.

Ceremonies are lead by the highest ranking male member of the clergy, and hymns are often sung. In the naming of a child, seven oils are used to anoint the infant. Weddings are conducted standing between the altars of the Father and the Mother.

Rites of worship held in wealthy areas and during special occasions can feature embellishments such as choirs of seventy-seven septas.

Some Known Septs

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