Coming of the Andals

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Coming of the Andals
Andals invade.png
The Andals invade the stormlands.
Art by Jordi Gonzales in The World of Ice & Fire

Location Westeros
Result Andals occupy most land south of the Neck.
First Men hold on to the north
Ending of the Pact
Disappearance of the children of the forest
AndalsFirst Men
Children of the forest
Notable commanders
Argos Sevenstar
House Grafton.svg Ser Gerold Grafton
Hammer of the Hills
House Arryn.svg Ser Artys I Arryn
House Vypren.svg Vorian Vypren
Armistead Vance
House Bar Emmon.svg Togarion Bar Emmon
Morgan Martell
House Stark.svg King Theon Stark
House Royce.svg King Yorwyck VI Royce
House Royce.svg King Robar II Royce
House Mudd.svg King Tristifer IV Mudd
House Mudd.svg King Tristifer V Mudd
House Baratheon.svg Storm Kings
House Lannister.svg King Tybolt Lannister
Greyiron.png King Rognar II Greyiron
House Massey.svg King Josua Massey

The coming of the Andals,[1][2] crossing of the Andals,[3][4] or arrival of the Andals[5] refers to the migration of Andals from Essos to Westeros. The time when this occurred is disputed; some sources indicate six thousand years ago,[6][7] the True History states it was four thousand years ago,[8] and some maesters like Denestan claim it was two thousand years ago.[8][9] Many of the petty kingdoms of the First Men were destroyed by Andal invaders and the children of the forest were pushed back to the north. The takeover was sometimes peaceful, however, with intermarriage between Andals and First Men.[5]


Generational warfare had occurred in Westeros between the First Men and the children of the forest, but the Pact between the two peoples led to four thousand years of peace and worship of the old gods by the First Men.[10] The Andals, the first new people of Westeros since the Pact, came from the hills of Andalos in western Essos. They were tall and fair-haired warriors who carried steel weapons and the seven-pointed star of their gods painted on their bodies.[6][10] Their religion, the Faith of the Seven, teaches that Hugor of the Hill and his Andals were promised kingdoms in a foreign land by the Seven, which led to the Andals sailing to Westeros. Maesters instead believe the Andals traveled west under pressure from the expanding Valyrian Freehold,[5] which conquered with dragons and forced subjugated peoples into slavery.[11] The Andals wielded iron in contrast to the bronze of the First Men, who were gradually defeated in generational wars over hundreds of years.[5]


The Fingers in what is now the Vale of Arryn was where the Andals first landed to wrest land from the First Men.[12] The First Men of the Vale were ruled by numerous petty kings, some of whom allied with the Andals instead of resisting them. The Shells and Brightstones were betrayed by Andal allies, and the Andal Corbrays claimed the Fingers. The Shetts of Gulltown allied with the Andal Graftons against the Royces, but their conflict ended with Gulltown controlled by the Andals.[13]

King Yorwyck VI Royce and his heirs led much of the resistance of the First Men to the Andals. King Robar II Royce gained the support of the Redforts, Hunters, Belmores, Coldwaters, and Upcliffs. These united First Men were able to successively defeat several Andal warlords, including the Corbrays, Graftons, and the Hammer of the Hills. However, Robar's army was routed in the Battle of the Seven Stars, and control of the Vale was claimed by the Andals of House Arryn.[13] Those First Men who did not submit to the Arryns fled into the Mountains of the Moon and became the Vale mountain clans.[5] The legend of Alyssa Arryn and Alyssa's Tears is said to be between six thousand[6] and two thousand years old.[9]


Tristifer IV Mudd is defeated in his hundredth and final battle. Screenshot from Game of Thrones Blu-ray.

After conquering the Vale, the Andal warlords continued west through the Bloody Gate or sailed up the Trident into the riverlands, where they established their own small kingdoms. Tales from the era include the Fall of Maidenpool and the death of its young king Florian V Mooton; the Widow's Ford where Lord Darry's three sons held off Vorian Vypren and his Andals for a day and a night, slaying hundreds before they were themselves slain; and the events of the night in the White Wood. The Blackwoods and Brackens allied to oppose the Andals, but were shattered by 777 charging Andal knights and seven septons, at the great Battle of Bitter River.

The greatest of the river kings to oppose the Andals was King Tristifer IV Mudd, whom the Tullys fought alongside in many of his campaigns. Tristifer is said to have fought one hundred battles, winning ninety-nine and losing only one. When Roland II Arryn, the King of Mountain and Vale, invaded the riverlands and won small victories over several petty kings, he found himself facing Tristifer, who smashed his forces and forced the Valemen into retreat. One of Roland's allies then betrayed him to the river king, and Tristifer beheaded Roland at House Mudd's seat, Oldstones.[9] Tristifer was defeated in his hundredth and final battle, when seven Andal kings attacked simultaneously and defeated him; the greatest of these conquerors was Armistead Vance.[14] His heir, Tristifer V was unable to stem the Andal tide and failed to hold his own people together, and so the Mudd kingdom fell to the Andals. To avoid being slaughtered, many of the First Men houses submitted and intermarried with the Andals.[5]

The Andals had mixed results when they invaded Crackclaw Point, which is now part of the crownlands. While the native Crackclaws had success fighting in their valleys and bogs, eventually, the Andals learned that what they could not conquer with swords they could through marriage.[15]

During their conquest the Andals burned weirwood groves and slew the children of the forest when they found them,[10] believing them abominations, although True History states the children had already fled the riverlands before the Andals invaded.[2] The Andal Erreg the Kinslayer attacked High Heart, a sacred place to the children of the forest of the riverlands, killing the children and their First Men allies and cutting down High Heart's grove of weirwood trees.[5]

The Andals failed to conquer the Isle of Faces, leading to conjecture that some children of the forest survived on the Isle with the aid of the green men.[5]

After centuries of infighting between the Andal kings, House Justman was the first house to regain control over the riverlands.[2]


Andals crossing the narrow sea. Screenshot from Game of Thrones Blu-ray.

When the Andals first began crossing the narrow sea, Erich the Unready was the Storm King from House Durrandon of Storm's End. He took little interest in the invaders as he was embroiled in his own wars at th