House Parren

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House Parren
House Parren.svg
Coat of arms Per saltire: burgundy and white stripes, a black lion's head on gold
(Per saltire, the first paly gules and argent, the second or, a lion erased sable)
Head Extinct
Region Westerlands
Overlord House Lannister
Founded Andal Invasion[1]
Died out 209298 AC[2]

House Parren was a noble house from the westerlands. According to semi-canon sources, they are extinct.[3][4] They blazoned their arms with per saltire: burgundy and white stripes, a black lion's head on gold.[3]


House Parren was formed by the union of First Men and Andal nobles during the coming of the Andals to the westerlands.[1]

In 43 AC, Lord Parren joined Prince Aegon the Uncrowned against his uncle, King Maegor I Targaryen, and participated in the Battle Beneath the Gods Eye.[5]

A member of House Parren participated in the tourney at Ashford Meadow in 209 AC during the reign of King Daeron II Targaryen. Their arms were spotted and identified by Ser Duncan the Tall among the gathered heraldry.[4]

Historical Members


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