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Maegor I
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Maegor I by Amok©
Biographical Information
Reign 42AC - 48AC
Full Name Maegor Targaryen First of His Name
Alias Maegor the Cruel
Other Titles Hand of the King
King of the Seven Kingdoms
Born in 12AC[1]
Died in 48AC, at King's Landing
Royal House House Targaryen
Predecessor Aenys I Targaryen
Successor Jaehaerys I Targaryen
Queen Ceryse Hightower
Alys Harroway
Tyanna of Pentos
Elinor Costayne
Rhaena Targaryen
Jeyne Westerling
Father Aegon I Targaryen
Mother Visenya Targaryen
Books The World of Ice and Fire (Mentioned)
The Rogue Prince (Mentioned)
The Princess and the Queen (Mentioned)
A Game of Thrones (Mentioned)
A Storm of Swords (Mentioned)

Maegor I, called Maegor the Cruel, was the son of Aegon I Targaryen and Visenya Targaryen. He was the younger half-brother of Aenys I Targaryen.[2] He was the third Targaryen king to sit the Iron Throne.


Appearance & Character

According to a semi-canon source, Maegor was large, larger than his father, Aegon I. A warrior, he was bull-like with heavy shoulders, thick neck and huge arms. He kept his hair short and his beard trimmed to his jawline. He wore Aegon the Conqueror's crown.[3]

Maegor was often seen as cruel, never treating animals well and keeping to himself.[2]

Early life

Maegor was considered a skilled warrior, distinguishing himself well in tournaments and melees. At the age of thirteen he competed in the royal tourney in 28AC at King's Landing where he unhorsed three knights of the Kingsguard in successive matches in the joust and went on to win the melee. He was a better jouster than many grown men he met in the lists. He was knighted by his father three years later and was the youngest knight in the realm at that time.

Upon his fathers death Aenys assumed the throne, he presented Maegor with Aegon's Valyrian blade, Blackfyre, admitting to all assembled that he was not nearly the warrior his half-brother was. Maegor also became Balerion's rider that year. Balerion was the dragon, Maegor always desired and now claimed him for himself. [4]

Visenya Targaryen suggested that Maegor be married to Aenys daughter Rhaena Targaryen but a vigorous protest from the High Septon stopped that, so Maegor was wed instead to the High Septons own niece Ceryse Hightower.

During his half brother reign several rebellions broke out, one of which took place in the Vale. Jonos Arryn rose against his own brother Ronnel Arryn. Maegor personally crushed this rebellion himself. Flying Balerion to the Eyrie and hanging Jonos and his followers, for this Aenys named him his new Hand of the King.

Maegor was stripped of his office in 39AC when he took a second wife named Alys Harroway. This marriage angered the Faith of the Seven so Aenys tried to placate the faith by stripping Maegor of his office and sending him into exile to Pentos. A renowned Septon known as Murmison replaced him as Hand of the King

When the Faith Militant uprising began, Aenys was unable to deal with the crisis. Upon Aenys death. Maegors mother mounted Vhagar and flew to Pentos to retrieve her son.


Upon Aenys's death, Maegor came to the Iron Throne ahead of his brother's son, he was crowned on Dragonstone. Grandmaestar Gawen protested his coronation stating that by all the laws of inheritance, the crown should pass to Aenys son Aegon. For that statement Maegor beheaded him with Blackfyre, their was no further protest after that. [4]

Ravens flew, declaring a new King had been crowned and that those who defied him would suffer a traitors death. Chief among Maegor's foe were the Faith Militant. Maegor mounted the Black Dread and set for King's Landing to crush the uprising. Landing on Visenya's hill he planted his standard, rallying his supporters to him. Visenya challenged those who questioned her son right to rule to prove themselves. A challenge that the Captain of the Warrior's Sons accepted.

Ser Damon Morrigen challenged Maegor to a Trial of seven who which Maegor accepted. Ser Damon and six Warrior Sons against the King and his six champions. It was a conquest in which the Kingdom itself was at stake. In the end only King Maegor was left alive, the other thirteen lay dead. Though King Maegor took a blow to the head and collapsed just as the last Warrior Son died. For twenty seven days he lay in a coma. On day twenty eight, Queen Alys returned from Pentos bringing with her Tyanna of Pentos who many whispered was a sorcerer. On the 30th day the King awoke.

Maegor mounted Balerion and without warning flew over the Sept of Remembrance on Rhaeny's Hil unleashing the Black Dread's flames and consuming the Sept and all within in dragon flame. Those who tried to flee were slain by archers Maegor had placed around the hill. The screams of burning and dying men were said to echo in the streets of King's Landing and for it was claimed for seven days a pall hung over the city.

At the Battle of Stonebridge, Maegor brutal methods against the Faith made the Mander run red with blood for twenty leagues. The bridge and castle that commanded it was forever known as Bitterbridge thereafter. Another fierce battle was fought at the Great fork of the Blackwater which was a decisive victory for King Maegor whose dragon left death in it's wake.

The Faith Militant uprising was not crushed however and through out his reign they remained his bitterest foes. He crushed the rebellions with ruthless and brutal methods, he instituted a new set of laws that became known as Maegor's law forbidding Holy men from carrying arms. He put bounties on any who refused to comply offering a gold dragon for the scalp of a Warrior's Son and a silver stag for the scalp of a Poor Fellow, earning him his nickname "The Cruel".

Maegor completed the construction on the Red Keep, giving Maegor's Holdfast its name. He had its builders executed to protect the secrets of the hidden passages he had constructed.[5]

Maegor notoriously kept multiple wives at a time. He had up to eight or nine wives, though not all of them were simultaneous and beheaded a few for failing to produce an heir - a test that all of them ultimately failed. Among his wives were Jeyne Westerling,[6] Alys Harroway and Rhaena Targaryen.[7][4] Maegor also had three Grand Maesters executed during his reign [8] among them Grandmaestar Gawen and Grandmaestar Desmond.[4]

Maegor was killed on the Iron Throne, Some say by a knight of his own Kingsguard who could no longer abide his tyranny, some by a builder that escaped the slaughter, some whisper by the throne itself. [9]. The most likely explaination however is that Maegor killed himself by opening his wrists on the blades of the Iron Throne. He died with no issue.[4]

The war with the militant orders was only ended under the reign of his successor.[10]


Maegor was the younger son of King Aegon I Targaryen and Queen Visenya Targaryen. He had an older brother, Prince Aenys, who was the son of Aegon I and his other wife, Queen Rhaenys Targaryen. Despite having been married to multiple women at the same time, Maegor had no living offspring. During his reign Maegor slew his nephew Aegon and forced his niece, now a widow, to marry him. Rhaena would receive the name "Black Bride", as would Elinor Costayne and Jeyne Westerling, both who were widowed by Maegor and then forced to marry him.[7] [11]

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