Trystane Truefyre

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Trystane Truefyre
Alias Trystane Fyre
Born 114 AC[1]
Died 130 AC
King's Landing
Father Viserys I Targaryen (allegedly)

Trystane, later called Trystane Truefyre, was a squire to Ser Perkin the Flea, a hedge knight, during the Dance of the Dragons.[2]

Appearance and Character

Archmaester Gyldayn describes him as gangling.[3]


During the riot of King's Landing, Trystane was crowned king by Ser Perkin the Flea, who claimed Trystane was the natural son of King Viserys I Targaryen.[2] Ser Perkin began knighting every man who flocked to Trystane's banner, including sellswords and thieves, amassing a force of hundreds of "gutter knights". The River Gate became the first place were Trystane's banner flew above the battlements, after the "Mudfoot" garrison of the gold cloaks went over to Trystane and slew their captain and three serjeants.[3]

After Queen Rhaenyra Targaryen fled King's Landing, Ser Perkin seized the Red Keep and installed Trystane on the Iron Throne, before the eyes of Grand Maester Orwyle, Lord Corlys Velaryon and Dowager Queen Alicent Hightower. Lord Larys Strong, the master of whisperers for Aegon II Targaryen, emerged from hiding and took a place of honor at the side of the new "king", who styled himself Trystane Truefyre.[3][4]

Trystane began to issue royal decrees from atop Aegon's High Hill, repealing the unpopular taxes of Lord Bartimos Celtigar and dividing the coin of the royal treasury among his own followers. He followed with a general cancellation of debt and raised threescore of Perkin's gutter knights to nobility. In response to rival "King" Gaemon Palehair's decree of free bread and beer for the starving, "King" Trystane granted the poor the right to take rabbits, hares and deer from the kingswood - though not elk or boar. Meanwhile, Ser Perkin recruited scores of surviving gold cloaks, taking control of the Dragon Gate, the King's Gate, and the Lion Gate - in total four of the seven gates of the capital and more than half the towers along the city's walls.[3]

After the death of Rhaenyra, when Lord Borros Baratheon's army reached the Blackwater Rush, Trystane followed the Clubfoot's advice and sent him to parley under a flag of truce along with Grand Maester Orwyle and Queen Alicent. An accord was reached between the two sides, in which Ser Perkin and his gutter knights would be pardoned of all crimes, but not the pretender Trystane. Thus, when Borros reached the Red Keep, he found Trystane's ragged banners hauled and the pretender arrested. He was put in a dungeon and would be joined by the two other false "Kings", Gaemon Palehair and the Shepherd, to await the return of King Aegon II for judgment.[5]

According to Mushroom, Trystane was at first defiant when he was dragged before King Aegon II, but seeing Ser Perkin standing beside the king took the heart from him. He did not plead innocence nor beg for mercy, asking only that he be made a knight before he died. Aegon granted that boon and Ser Marston Waters dubbed him Ser Trystane Fyre - as the name "Truefyre" was deemed presumptuous - and then Ser Alfred Broome beheaded him with Blackfyre.[5][4]

Behind the Scenes

Trystane and Perkin the Flea may be homages by George R. R. Martin to Perkin Warbeck, who claimed to be Richard of Shrewsbury, second son of King Edward IV of England.


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