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Aerys I
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Aerys I by Amok©
Biographical Information
Reign 209 AC - 221 AC
Full Name Aerys Targaryen the First of His Name
Other Titles King of the Andals, the Rhoynar and the First Men
Lord of the Seven Kingdoms
Protector of the Realm
Born in or between 172 AC and 176 AC[1], at King's Landing
Died in 221 AC
Royal House House Targaryen
Predecessor Daeron II Targaryen
Heir Prince Rhaegel Targaryen
Prince Aelor Targaryen
Prince Maekar Targaryen
Successor Maekar I Targaryen
Queen Aelinor Penrose
Issue None
Father Daeron II Targaryen
Mother Mariah Martell
Books The World of Ice and Fire (mentioned)
The Hedge Knight (mentioned)
The Sworn Sword (mentioned)
The Mystery Knight (mentioned)
A Game of Thrones (mentioned)

Aerys I was the King of the Seven Kingdoms and the thirteenth Targaryen to sit the Iron Throne. He succeeded his father, Daeron II Targaryen.[2]


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According to semi-canon sources, Aerys was bookish. He was spindly and stooped, with long, straight hair. He had a long, thin face, a long, thin mustache and a long pointed beard. He wore the crown of Aegon IV Targaryen.[3] On his coinage, he was depicted with a beard.[4]


Aerys Targaryen was the second son of Daeron II Targaryen and Mariah Martell. He was very much interested in books like his father, however he lacked many of the other characteristics of his father.


After the death of Daeron II and his nephews Valarr and Matarys (sons of his elder brother, Baelor) in the Great Spring Sickness, Aerys became king. The plague continued some time under his rule. His reign was troubled by sickness, drought and war. The Blackfyre Pretenders and their allies launched two rebellions during his reign.[5]

Aerys upon becoming King appointed his uncle, Brynden Rivers, known as Bloodraven, as Hand and let him rule while he occupied himself with the study of books and lore. He was a bookish man who preferred reading to ruling and it was said in the Seven Kingdoms that "Aerys would sooner bring a book to his bed rather than his wife".[6] Due to the fact that his marriage with his cousin, Aelinor Penrose, was childless and it was said it had never even been consummated.

During the reign of Aerys I, the realm suffered a great drought.[6] It was widely held that travel was less safe during the reign of Aerys than under his father Daeron's.[4] In addition, the Iron Islands under Lord Dagon Greyjoy took advantage of the chaos of the spring sickness and the Iron Throne's preoccupation with the Blackfyre rebels under Ser Aegor Rivers, and the ironborn raided Fair Isle, the Arbor, and the North.

Aerys was seen as bookish and weak, the Blackfyres tried to take advantage of this. Lord Gormon Peake, a Blackfyre loyalist smuggled in Daemon Blackfyre the Second from across the narrow sea and attempted to gather support for an insurrection, this led to the Second Blackfyre Rebellion, though thanks to Bloodravens network of spies and the actions of an unlikely Hedge Knight named Ser Duncan the Tall and his squire, this rebellion ended with relatively little bloodshed.[4][5]

His nephew Aegon once recalled that as a boy he heard King Aerys read about the return of dragons in a prophecy.[4] Aerys brother and heir Prince Rhaegel died in 215 AC by choking on a lamprey pie, thus Rhaegel's son Prince Aelor was made the new heir. Aelor in 217 AC perished in a mishap caused by his twin sister Princess Aelora, who would later commit suicide after being assaulted by the Rat, the Hawk and the Pig.[5]

The Third Blackfyre Rebellion was launched in 219 AC and ended with the capture of Bittersteel and the death of Haegon Blackfyre. Bittersteel was brough to King's Landing in chains. Bloodraven and Aerion Targaryen wanted him put to death, King Aerys overruled them and sentenced him to take the Black instead. The ship that was tasked to deliver him to Eastwatch-by-the-Sea was intercepted by Blackfyre Loyalists. Bittersteel was rescued and returned to the Golden Company and crowned Haegons eldest son as Daemon Blackfyre the Third.[5]

When Aerys died he was succeeded in 221 AC by his youngest and sole surviving brother , Maekar I Targaryen.[5][7]

Quotes about Aerys I

His Grace cares more for old scrolls and dusty prophecies than for lords and laws. He will not even bestir himself to sire an heir. Queen Aelinor prays daily at the Great Sept , beseeching the Mother Above to bless her with a child, yet she remains a maid. Aerys keeps his own apartments, and it is said he would sooner take a book to bed than any woman.[6]
Sefton Staunton, to Dunk

In Dagon's day a weak king sat the Iron Throne, his rheumy eyes fixed across the narrow sea where bastards and exiles plotted rebellion. So forth from Pyke Lord Dagon sailed, to make the Sunset Sea his own.[8]
- Victarion Greyjoy recalling King Aerys I reign


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Aerys I
Maekar I
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House Targaryen

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