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Aegon III
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Aegon III by Amok©
Biographical Information
Reign 131 AC - 157 AC
Full Name Aegon Targaryen the Third of His Name
Alias Aegon the Younger
Aegon the Dragonbane
Aegon the Unlucky[1]
The Broken King[2]
Other Titles King of the Andals, the Rhoynar and the First Men
Lord of the Seven Kingdoms
Protector of the Realm
Born in 120 AC[3], at Dragonstone[4]
Died in 157 AC, at King's Landing[4]
Culture Valyrian
Royal House House Targaryen
Predecessor Aegon II Targaryen
Heir Daeron I Targaryen
Successor Daeron I Targaryen
Queen 1st: Jaehaera Targaryen
2nd: Daenaera Velaryon[5]
Issue Daeron I Targaryen
Baelor I Targaryen
Daena Targaryen
Rhaena Targaryen
Elaena Targaryen
Father Daemon Targaryen
Mother Rhaenyra Targaryen
Books The World of Ice and Fire (mentioned)
The Rogue Prince (mentioned)
The Princess and the Queen (mentioned)
The Hedge Knight (mentioned)
A Game of Thrones (mentioned)
A Storm of Swords (mentioned)
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Aegon III, also known as Aegon the Younger, and later Aegon the Dragonbane, was the seventh king of the Targaryen line to sit the Iron Throne.[6] He succeeded his uncle, Aegon II Targaryen, at the conclusion of the Dance of the Dragons, which saw the victorious supporters of his late mother Rhaenyra Targaryen install him on the throne. When he was a child his dragon was Stormcloud.[7] Aegon kept the kingdom united following the divisions of the civil war with the aid of his brother, Prince Viserys, whom he named Hand of the King when he came of age.[8]


Aegon had dark purple eyes and pale silvery hair.[3] Aegon later in life always dressed in black. He was pale, lean and never smiled, because of the grief he carried from seeing his mother devoured by his uncle's dragon. He wore a short beard but no mustache. His crown was a slender gold band.[9]

After the Dance of the Dragons, Aegon became brooding, cold and melancholy.[8]



Born in the last days of 120 AC, Aegon was the first born son of his father, Prince Daemon Targaryen, and the fourth born son of his mother, Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen. As per Targaryen tradition, a dragon's egg was placed in his cradle. The dragon Stormcloud eventually hatched from this egg. Aegon was named after Aegon the Conquerer.[7] His grandfather's second wife, Alicent Hightower, took offence to Aegon's name, since she had a son named Aegon herself, and felt that Rhaenyra and Daemon were trying to use the name as a slight against her. Due to the fact that the royal family now contained two young Targaryens named Aegon, Rhaenyra's son was referred to as Aegon the Younger in history, whereas the son of Alicent was named Aegon the Elder.[3][7] It is unknown if Aegon was referred to as Aegon the Younger during this time, and the same for Aegon the Elder.

Aegon had three older brothers, Jacaerys, Lucerys and Joffrey Velaryon, from his mother's first marriage, and two older sisters, Baela and Rhaena Targaryen, from his father's second marriage. Two years after his own birth, his mother gave birth to another boy: Viserys, named after their grandfather.[7]

Aegon lived with his mother, father, brothers and half-sisters on Dragonstone, the ancestral seat of House Targaryen and his mother's seat as the Princess of Dragonstone. When his grandfather died in early 129 AC, Aegon and his family were away from the capitol, as Rhaenyra was pregnant for the sixth time. This pregnancy led to the birth of Aegon's sister, Visenya; unfortunately, the girl was stillborn.[7]

The Dance of the Dragons

A war of succession began with the death of Aegon's grandfather, King Viserys I Targaryen. Though Aegon's mother had been named heir to the throne by King Viserys I, Aegon the Elder, Aegon's half-uncle, was crowned as King Aegon II in King's Landing. This resulted in a war of succession, the Dance of the Dragons.[7]

In 129 AC, at the behest of their half-brother Jacaerys Velaryon, Aegon and his younger brother Viserys were sent to Essos while their mother Rhaenyra secured the Iron Throne.[7] During the journey their ship, the Gay Abandon, was captured by ships of the Kingdom of the Three Daughters. Aegon escaped by flying on his dragon Stormcloud for the first time, but Viserys was captured by Sharako Lohar. Aegon had to cling to Stormcloud's neck to reach Dragonstone, where he shared the news of what had befallen the fleet. The experience of his flight was so frightening that Aegon returned to Dragonstone pale, shaking, and having lost control of his bladder. Aegon never flew again, as Stormcloud died after reaching Dragonstone from the wounds he had received during the flight.[7]

Upon learning what had happened, fearing for the life of their brother Viserys, Aegon's brother Jacaerys flew to the fleet on his dragon, but died in the fight that ensued.[7]

When Aegon's mother Rhaenyra took King's Landing in 130 AC, she named him her cupbearer after he joined her from Dragonstone. Aegon hardly spoke a word during this time. After the storming of the Dragonpit, he and his mother were forced to flee the capital. Rhaenyra, nearly mad with grief from losing her dragon Syrax and all her children except Aegon, refused to be parted from him at any time, and he became a "small pale shadow" to his mother.[7]

When they returned to Dragonstone, they arrived at the castle to see the charred corpses of the castellan and some others who had been loyal to Rhaenyra hanging from the gates. Aegon was the first to realize what it meant and cried "Mother, flee!" but it was too late. They were brought into the courtyard where Aegon II was waiting. Young Aegon watched in horror as his uncle's dragon, Sunfyre, devoured his mother.[7] Aegon was forever mentally scarred, and this event cemented his later fierce hatred for and terror of dragons. After Rhaenyra's execution Ser Alfred Broome advised King Aegon II to kill the young Aegon, but the king decided to keep his nephew captive in the dungeon of Dragonstone. The death of his mother did not end the war, and following Lord Kermit Tully's victory over the Green army of Lord Borros Baratheon at the Battle of the Kingsroad half a year later, Aegon II was murdered by his own men.[10] Aegon inherited the throne as Aegon III in 131 AC.


See also: Regency of Aegon III

Aegon was married to his cousin Jaehaera Targaryen at the end of the Dance of the Dragons. Jaehaera was the only surviving child of the late Aegon II Targaryen, the match was a political match, so both bloodlines could be seen to hold the thrones, in the hope of uniting the realm and the factions who fought for each side. Their short marriage however would end childless.

Since he came to the Iron Throne aged eleven, several regents and Hands ruled in Aegon's name for the first five years of his reign. Numerous political schemes, plots and assassinations happened in those five years as the regents fought one another for political power. His first wife died during this time (some say suicide, some murder). Aegon would later be married to Daenaera Velaryon.

After he came of age, Aegon dismissed the Regents and his Hand of the King and named his brother, Prince Viserys, as his Hand. Viserys would serve as Hand during the remaining years of Aegon's reign, and during the reigns of both of Aegon's sons. The crown dealt with several pretenders claiming to be Daeron the Daring who perished during the Second Battle of Tumbleton, but whose body had never been found or identified.[8]

As king, Aegon III strove to give the realm peace and plenty, his coldness kept him from courting his Lords and people. Aegon is often blamed for the death of the last dragon, having had a great distaste for the creatures since he witnessed his mother being devoured by his uncle's Sunfyre.[11] Although the maesters may have played a part in the death of the last dragons, Aegon III became known as "Aegon the Dragonbane". At the urging of his brother, Prince Viserys, Aegon obtained dragon eggs and brought nine mages across from the narrow sea to attempt to hatch the remaining cache of eggs, this debacle ended in failure.[12][8]

Aegon was regarded as a broken king who ruled over a broken reign. His brother as Hand did the majority of the ruling. For Aegon was melancholy to the end of his days, found pleasure in almost nothing and locked himself in his room to brood for days on end. He likewise came to dislike being touched, even by his beautiful wife and queen, though their marriage had been fruitful, it was said Aegon was long in calling to her bed.[8]

His marriage to his second wife, Queen Daenaera gave him two sons, Daeron and Baelor, and three daughters, Daena, Rhaena and Elaena. His daughters would become known as the three "Maidens in the Tower", when Baelor, upon having been crowned King, locked his three sisters (including Daena, to whom he was married) in what would become known as the Maidenvault.

The reign of the Broken King ended with the King's death at thirty-six years of age, from consumption, in 157 AC. Many of his subjects thought him far older, for his boyhood had been cut short, and the melancholy king is not remembered fondly.[8]


Aegon III was succeeded by his fourteen year old son Daeron. Aegon was said to have always walked with a great grief, and the folly of his sons nearly tore the realm apart. It would not be Aegon's line to continue the Targaryen dynasty. After both his sons died childless, Aegon's brother Viserys was crowned king. Viserys would be followed by his own son, also named Aegon.

Aegon's line did not discontinue altogether. Aegon's daughter Daena, called "the Defiant", would have a child with her cousin, Prince Aegon, whom she named Daemon. Daemon Blackfyre would be the first of the Blackfyre Pretenders, and contest his cousin Daeron II Targaryen, the legitimate son of Aegon IV Targaryen, for the Iron Throne. Daemon created his own House, House Blackfyre, and had at least 9 children (7 sons, and at least 2 daughters). The Blackfyre line continued for quite some time, until Maelys Blackfyre was slain during the War of the Ninepenny Kings around 260 AC.

Princess Elaena Targaryen also continued Aegon's line. She was married three times, and gave birth to seven children. Her first two children were illegitimate, fathered by Lord Alyn Velaryon: Jon and Jeyne Waters. Descendants of Jon live until this day, under the name Longwaters. Subsequently she married Lord Ossifer Plumm, by whom she had one child, Viserys Plumm (though he is rumoured to have actually been fathered by King Aegon IV); and Lord Ronnel Penrose, by whom she had four children (Robin Penrose, Laena Penrose, Jocelyn Penrose, and Joy Penrose). Her third and final marriage, to Ser Michael Manwoody, was childless.

Small Council under Aegon III

During the reign of King Aegon his small council had the following known members:

Council of Regents

The regency council of Aegon III, as originally constituted, consisted of:[13]

Subsequent replacements:

Regents chosen by lot at the Great Council of 136:

Quotes by Aegon

I mean to give the smallfolk peace and food and justice. If that will not suffice to win their love, let Mushroom make a progress. Or perhaps we might send a dancing bear. Someone once told me that the commons love nothing half so much as dancing bears. You may call a halt to this feast tonight as well. Send the lords home to their own keeps and give the food to the hungry. Full bellies and dancing bears shall be my policy. [8]
- From the account of Grand Maester Munkun of the king's words to Lord Torrhen Manderly when he ended the regency.


Aegon II
Aegon III
Viserys II
Daeron I
Baelor I
Aegon IV
Daeron II

During the Dance of the Dragons

Viserys I

*Prince Daemon Targaryen was married to Lady Rhea Royce from 97 AC until 115 AC. He then married Lady Laena Velaryon in 115 AC; their marriage lasted until Laena's death in 120 AC. That same year, Daemon married his niece, Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen.

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