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Ossifer Plumm

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Ossifer Plumm
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Title Lord
Allegiance House Plumm
Spouse An unknown Princess of House Targaryen
Book(s) A Storm of Swords (Mentioned)
A Feast for Crows (Mentioned)
A Dance with Dragons (Mentioned)

Lord Ossifer Plumm is a historical member of House Plumm. He married a Targaryen princess. He lived during the reign of a King Aegon, which Aegon remains unknown.[1] Speculation among readers is that it was the reign of Aegon IV, and his wife was Elaena Targaryen the youngest daughter of Aegon III, who during the reign of Aegon IV would have been a woman fully grown.



According to Brown Ben, he had a six-foot long penis that was famous throughout the land.[1] He supposedly fathered a child after he was dead.[2]


Many readers simply suspect that his wife gave birth to a child more than nine months after her husband's death and claimed the child was Ossifer's (in order for her son/daughter to lay claim to his lands/titles or to avoid the taint of being a bastard). His wife being a Targaryen Princess meant that few would dare counter the claim so this probably started the jest that Ossifer must have impregnated her from six feet under.

Tyrion speculates that Brown Ben Plumm is descended from a younger son of Viserys Plumm, and that rather than the "drop of dragon blood" Ben claims is in his family tree, there are "Two drops. That, or a cock six foot long."[3] This suggests that Tyrion thinks Ossifer's posthumous child was fathered by another Targaryen.

Quotes about Ossifer

There was some old Plumm in the Sunset Kingdoms who wed a dragon princess. My grandmama told me the tale. He lived in King Aegon's day.[1]
Ben Plumm, to Daenerys Targaryen

This old Plumm was a lord, though, must have been a famous fellow in his day, the talk of all the land. The thing was, begging your royal pardon, he had himself a cock six foot long.[1]
Ben Plumm, to Daenerys Targaryen

And Ossifer Plumm was much too dead, but that did not stop him fathering a child, did it?[2]
Cersei Lannister


Ossifer Plumm
Targaryen Princess
Philip Plumm
Ben Plumm
Dennis PlummPeter Plumm
Harwyn Plumm

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