A Dance with Dragons-Chapter 57

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Tyrion XI
A Dance with Dragons chapter
POV Tyrion Lannister
Place Yunkish camp near Meereen
Page 754 UK HC (Other versions)
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Yezzan zo Qaggaz is dying of the bloody flux. A healer explains to Sweets that the only help for Yezzan is good clean water. Nurse also got the bloody flux and died the night before after Tyrion gave him dogtail soup with silver mushrooms in the broth. Tyrion asks Scar, a soldier slave in Yezzan's ownership, to send 2 men to get fresh clean water for Yezzan. Scar refuses because he will not take orders from a slave, even though he himself is a slave. He tells Tyrion to get the water himself with Penny. Tyrion asks for the mule and the cart to get the water. Scar refuses but gives them Jorah Mormont to help get the water. The three of them travel through the camp to the nearest well south and west of a trebuchet, the Harridan. On the way, Tyrion sees defenses being built to defend against the possible return of Drogon, although he knows that most of these will prove useless against dragons. Tyrion knows that a dragon's eyes are its only weak spot, and not the underbelly or throat as old wives' tales claim. While waiting at the well, they hear the latest news and rumors from other slaves, who are discussing the event at Daznak's Pit. It is argued whether Daenerys Targaryen flew off on the dragon or died trying. Tyrion states she did not die because her body was not found. He briefly thinks on the moment when he almost revealed his identity to her, only to stop out of fear Barristan Selmy would prejudice Daenerys against him out of contempt for House Lannister.

After getting the water, they are supposed to return to their camp, but Tyrion leads them to the tents of the Second Sons instead. He knows that right now, while Yezzan is on the verge of death, is the best time for them to try and escape the grasp of the slavers. When they get there, Tyrion is recognized as the dwarf that Brown Ben Plumm wished to buy so they are brought to the captain. There he reveals that he knows that Ben Plumm knows who Tyrion really is and that Tyrion knows that Plumm is a westerman and of House Plumm and that the dragons were fond of him. He implies that he knows more about Plumm's lineage than even Plumm himself, and that Plumm may have more Targaryen blood than he thinks. Ben Plumm then recognizes Jorah Mormont, and Tyrion convinces Ben Plumm to let him and Mormont join the Second Sons instead of killing him in order to win a lordship from Cersei Lannister. Tyrion suggests they play a game of cyvasse as they continue talking.

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