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Brown Ben Plumm
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Ben Plumm, by The Mico ©

  • Brown Ben Plumm
  • Lord Plumm
Culture Mixed
Born Essos[1]
Mother Unknown Dothraki

Ben Plumm, better known as Brown Ben Plumm, is a descendant of House Plumm, and the captain and commander of the Second Sons.


Ben is an aging man, but still fit.[2] He has a broad, weathered face, brown skin, a broken nose, and grey-white hair.[3] He has a salt and pepper beard.[2] He has large, dark, almond-shaped Dothraki eyes that he inherited from his mother.[4] There are wrinkles at the corners of his eyes.[3]


Ben's mother is a Dothraki, and his grandmother was half-Ibbenese and half-Qohorik. His grandfather was killed by a Dothraki prior to Ben's birth.[4]

Ben says he is part Braavosi, Summer Islander, Ibbenese, Qohorik, Dornish, Dothraki, and Westerosi. He claims to have a drop of Targaryen blood, which must be why dragons, particularly Viserion, have an affinity for him. He states an old member of House Plumm married a "dragon princess". He vaguely says that the wedding took place in the reign of Aegon Targaryen. Daenerys points out that there were five Aegons who reigned in Westeros and asks which one, but Ben fails to remember the regnal number requested.[4] Tyrion Lannister suspects him to be a distant descendant of a younger son of Viserys Plumm and a possible distant relation to the famous Ossifer Plumm, and that Ben thus has "two drops" of dragon blood, not just one,[5] as Viserys Plumm was rumored to have been fathered by King Aegon IV Targaryen on Princess Elaena Targaryen, Ossifer's wife.[6]

Ben once served as a bodyguard to the uncle of Oznak zo Pahl in Meereen, before joining the Second Sons. When someone Ben knew was killed by Oznak for looking at a woman the wrong way, Ben fled, escaping the city through its sewer system, an experience that haunts him.[5]

While plundering after his first battle with the Second Sons, Plumm took some leather armor from a dead sellsword, and discovered a fortune of coins the man had sewn into the lining of the armor. In his naivety, Ben told a fellow sellsword whom he believed a friend. The fellow sellsword told their sergeant, and his colleagues relieved Ben of his fortune. Ben loves gold, but this incident made him realize that it is useless if one is not alive to enjoy it.[7]

Ben claims to have fought in a hundred battles, but he does not claim to have fought bravely in all of them.[4]

Recent Events

A Storm of Swords

Ben is elected as the new commander of the Second Sons after Mero disappears during the fight at Yunkai. Ben sits on Daenerys Targaryen's war council. It is his idea to use the sewer system of Meereen as a route to besiege the city.[4]

A Dance with Dragons

Daenerys sends Brown Ben and the Second Sons to guard the south against any incursions by Yunkai.[8] When Plumm returns to the city and discovers Daenerys could no longer control her dragons, he decides her cause is lost and goes over to the Yunkai'i.[3][7]

During the slave market held outside Meereen, Plumm sees Tyrion Lannister and Penny being sold, and attempts to buy them,[2] with a mind to delivering Tyrion's head to Daenerys as a wedding gift,[7], or to Cersei Lannister to claim the reward of a lordship.[5] However, he is outbid by Yezzan zo Qaggaz.

Ben is present when Yezzan zo Qaggaz feasts the Yunkish commanders. He plays cyvasse with Tyrion, losing the games to Tyrion, and a small fortune to Yezzan.[2]

Ben, along with the other three sellsword commanders, is allowed to enter Meereen when peace is declared. He explains to Dany the reasons he turned his cloak.[7] After Tyrion and Jorah Mormont escape the dying Yezzan, Plumm allows them to join the Second Sons. Tyrion writes sixty documents promising large sums of gold to several high ranking members in the company. To Plumm, he promises the largest reward, "One hundred thousand gold dragons, fifty hides of fertile land, a castle, and a lordship". Tyrion promises to honor the documents when he becomes Lord of Casterly Rock.[9]



Quotes by Ben

There are old sellswords and bold sellswords, but no old bold sellswords.[4]

Quotes about Ben

The Second Sons have gone over to the Yunkai'i ... When next I see his ugly face I will open him from throat to groin and rip out his black heart.[3]

A warm smile, that. Friendly. But my, those eyes are cold.[2]

Tyrion Lannister's thoughts

Brown Ben is shrewd, tenacious, not unintelligent … but wary.[5]

I hear you're twice a turncloak, Plumm. A man after mine own heart.[5]

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Preceded by Commander of the Second Sons
299 AC–present