A Dance with Dragons-Chapter 50

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Daenerys VIII
A Dance with Dragons chapter
POV Daenerys Targaryen
Place Meereen
Page 661 UK HC (Other versions)
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Hizdahr holds a feast in Meereen with the Yunkish lords and sellsword captains in attendance, to sign the peace and celebrate the imminent reopening of the fighting pits. However, the sellswords and slaves from Yunkai and its allies are still besieging Meereen. Just as in Meereen, the bloody flux has been affecting the Yunkish troops as well.

Daenerys is upset that the Yunkai'i are holding a slave market just outside the city, but Hizdahr tells her it is only for a time and to let them have their show and they will have their peace, with Yunkai keeping their slave trade and Meereen remaining out of it.

The Yunkai'i have brought representatives of the four sellsword companies serving them: the Tattered Prince for the Windblown, Gylo Rhegan for the Long Lances, Bloodbeard for the Company of the Cat and Brown Ben Plumm for the Second Sons.[1] Daenerys is relieved by Daario's absence, since she knows that he would be furious with Plumm.

An exchange of seven hostages has been arranged in order to ensure a measure of peace during the cerimonies. The four sellsword captains and the three Yunkish nobles present Yurkhaz zo Yunzak, Supreme Commander, and two others) are understood to be Daenerys' hostages for the time being, while Daenerys offers seven of her own to the Yunkish siege camp in exchange (Hizdar's sister, two of his cousins, her bloodrider Jhogo, her admiral Groleo, her Unsullied captain Hero and Daario Naharis).

Skahaz mo Kandaq the Shavepate is absent as well, having been replaced as commander of the Brazen Beasts by Hizdahr zo Loraq's cousin, Marghaz zo Loraq.[2]

Were he not a hostage, Daario might be causing trouble. He is unhappy about Dany's wedding to Hizdahr, and he got furious when Quentyn Martell revealed that his group of Westerosi Windblowns had been ordered to "defect" to Meereen.[3] Daario nearly slew them all in his rage, but Grey Worm intervened and stopped him, choosing instead to imprison the group of Windblowns.

Brown Ben comes up to her and explains his defection, saying that it is natural for sellswords to change sides if they believe that it will improve their odds of survival. He claims that the Second Sons were troubled when they learned that Daenerys could not use her dragons to help fight the Yunkish forces. After he leaves, she asks Ser Barristan Selmy his opinion, as he was hiding and listening as always. He advises her that Brown Plumm is quite truthful, and confirms that it is not wise to place trust in a sellsword.

Seeking ways to make up for the loss of the Second Sons, Dany asks Ser Barristan about the possibility of finding a rival leader in the group that might want to "remove" Brown Ben Plumm. Barristan thinks it possible, but doesn't know for certain. She then mentions the other three mercenary companies, prompting Barristan to offer to arrange a meeting with Gylo Rhegan or the Tattered Prince if she wants so. Dany says that this is not the time or the place as there are too many watchful eyes about. Barristan admits that he is not the best man for such work, and that back in Westeros, it would have been Littlefinger or the Spider to have done this kind of work.

Dany's mind turns back to the captured Westerosi turncloaks. She realizes that by freeing one of the Windblows she might establish negotiations with their leader, the Tattered Prince, and perhaps sway them to her cause. She first suggests and later commands Ser Barristan to send back the woman Meris as a gesture of her regard, knowing that their captain will get the message. She wants to contact the Long Lances and the Company of the Cat as well. Barristan advises against dealing with Bloodbeard of the Company of the Cat, however; he says that he reminds him of the Ninepenny Kings, that he is much too greedy and much too dishonourable to be an asset. Daenerys feels that such men might be the easiest to sway, but decides to trust his counsel on this matter.[4]

She then summons Quentyn to speak further, at Ser Barristan's suggestion. He still believes that the Dornish envoys are their best option for returning to Westeros, though Dany will not abandon her city. She speaks with him and brings him to the dragon pit to see her "children". She introduces Quentyn to Viserion and Rhaegal, telling him that Drogon is away hunting, and that she is a dragon as well. Dany gives Quentyn another piece of advice to leave Meereen, saying that he is not safe here, that men like Daario and Hizdahr could see him as a threat and eliminate him. He boldly, perhaps foolishly, declines.

Dany then retires to bed where Hizdahr is waiting for her, drunk and lustful. She allows him to have his way with her before he passes out. Missandei comes in and hears that the queen is unhappy and comforts her, talking of her home Naath. Eventually Daenerys falls asleep, though she dreads the morrow, when the fighting pits will reopen, and blood will be spilled.

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References and Notes

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