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Tattered Prince
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art by Diego Gisbert Llorens. © Fantasy Flight Games.

Alias The Tattered Prince
Rags and Tatters
Old Grey-beards in Rags
The Prince of Tatters
Title Prince of Pentos (title refused)
Allegiance Windblown
Second Sons
Iron Shields
Maiden's Men
Born In 238 AC or 239 AC[1], at Pentos
Book(s) A Dance with Dragons (appears)
The Winds of Winter (mentioned)

The Tattered Prince, also known as Rags or Rags and Tatters, is the first and only commander of the Windblown. He is well past sixty and keeps his true name to himself.

Appearance and Character

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The Tattered Prince is sad-eyed and soft spoken. His hair and mail are silver-greyed but his cloak is made of clothes of different colors.[2] He has stated that his appearance is so ordinary that all he has to do is remove his "tatters" and become inconspicuous. Tyrion Lannister thinks him elegant.

The Tattered Prince rides a huge grey warhorse. The stallion’s spotted hindquarters are covered with ragged strips of cloth torn from the surcoats of men his master has slain. He sits straight and tall in the high saddle and his voice is strong enough to carry to every corner of a battlefield. He speaks classic High Valyrian.[2]


He established the mercenary company some thirty years before the events in the books. When the Tattered Prince was twenty-three the magisters of Pentos had chosen him to be their new Prince almost right after they had beheaded the previous one. Instead of accepting their offer and be their disposable puppet, he fled to the Disputed Lands and never returned to Pentos. He had ridden with the Second Sons, the Iron Shields, and the Maiden's Men, but later with five other men he established the Windblown. Out of the six founders of the company, he is the only one alive. The Tattered Prince and Bloodbeard, commander of the Company of the Cat, despise each other.[2][3]

Recent Events

A Dance with Dragons

After Yunkai procures their services, the Tattered Prince leads the Windblown toward Meereen in the slavers' struggle against Daenerys Targaryen. On their way to Mereen he commands a group of Westerosi-born from his company to pretend that they have betrayed him and to join Daenerys's forces. With this plan, he hopes that even if the Yunkai lose the war, he will still be on the winning side. Among the Westerosi he sends to Meereen are Prince Quentyn Martell and his companions, although the Tattered Prince is not aware of their identities or goals.[2]

However, when the Prince of Dorne decides to take Dany's dragons, he turns again toward the Westerosi Windblown. The mercenaries take his gold and promise to help him, but not before reporting his plan to the Tattered Prince. The Prince meets with Quentyn in the cellar of the Purple Lotus and agrees to join forces with him if, as a reward, he is given Pentos.[4] He tells Quentyn that he saw Yurkhaz zo Yunzak die, indicating that he was present in Daznak's Pit when Drogon appeared.[5] The plan fails since Quentyn is killed by the dragons and Meereen is fully besieged by Yunkish forces.[4][6]

Later, Ser Barristan Selmy sends the two remaining Dornishmen on a mission to negotiate with the Tattered Prince. Ser Barristan wants the mercenary captain to help him release the Meereenese hostages held by the Wise Masters; as a reward, he will be given Pentos.[6]

Quotes by the Tattered Prince

Tattered and twisty, what a rogue I am.[5]
My ragged raiment? A poor thing … yet those tatters fill my foes with fear, and on the battlefield the sight of my rags blowing in the wind emboldens my men more than any banner. And if I want to move unseen, I need only slip it off to become plain and unremarkable.[5]
In this world, a man must learn to seize whatever gifts the gods chose to send him. That was a lesson I learned at some cost.[5]

Quotes about the Tattered Prince

You’ll ride to battle with the Tattered Prince and come home richer than a lord.[7]
– unnamed sellsword

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