The World of Ice and Fire

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The World of Ice and Fire
Author Elio Garcia
Linda Antonsson
George R. R. Martin
Language English
Publisher Unknown
Released Unknown
Cover Artist Ted Nasmith

The World of Ice and Fire is a companion volume to the A Song of Ice and Fire novels, provisionally known as a 'world book'. The book is being written by Elio Garcia and Linda Antonsson in consultation with George R. R. Martin and will be published in the United States by Bantam.

Garcia and Antonsson run Westeros, the largest A Song of Ice and Fire community and online concordance of information on the series on the internet. Martin has already confirmed that he sometimes uses the existing online concordance to rapidly double-check information if he is away from his notes. He has joked that his co-authors know more about the continent of Westeros than he does.

They confirmed that the book will open with a historical overview of the setting, have a 'who's who' of characters and have a large amount of heraldry and at least the Targaryen family tree, possibly more. The book will also contain a large amount of artwork, The artist Ted Nasmith, best known for his work on illustrated editions of J. R. R. Tolkien books, has been asked to do some landscape and castle portraits for the book.


According to Barnes and Noble, it will be released on October 28, 2014 and will be 288 pages long.[1]

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