A Dance with Dragons-Chapter 60

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The Spurned Suitor
A Dance with Dragons chapter
POV Quentyn Martell
Place Meereen
Page 793 UK HC (Other versions)
Chapter chronology (All)
The Windblown
The Discarded Knight  ← The Spurned Suitor →  The Griffin Reborn

The Dragontamer


With Daenerys gone, Quentyn Martell's companions urge him to heed Barristan Selmy's warnings and return to Dorne. Worried that he will lose the respect of his father and his sister if he returns without Daenerys, Quentyn resolves to stay in the East until he finds her.

The three Dornishmen meet with the Tattered Prince with the intention of hiring the Windblown, but the Prince is still resentful of their previous betrayal. Quentyn promises to double the amount being paid to the Windblown by the Yunkai once they arrive in Dorne, but the Tattered Prince is unmoved. Quentyn reveals that he plans to steal one of the two remaining dragons in Meereen, and the Prince names Pentos the price of his allegiance.

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