A Dance with Dragons-Chapter 60

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The Spurned Suitor
A Dance with Dragons chapter
POV Quentyn Martell
Place Meereen
Page 793 UK HC (Other versions)
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The Windblown
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The Dragontamer


Gerris Drinkwater reports having spoken to Beans, Books, and Old Bone Bill. In exchange for some gold, the three members of the Windblown agreed to tell the Tattered Prince that the three Dornishmen would like to meet. Despite successfully delivering the message, Drinkwater insists the group should heed Barristan Selmy’s warning, leave Meereen for Volantis, and ultimately return to Dorne. Quentyn wants to leave for Westeros as well, but fears arriving empty-handed, as he worries he will disappoint his father and Lord Yronwood, and face mockery by the Sand Snakes should he do so. Quentyn tells his companions they can leave without him, but they choose to stay.

Denzo D'han finds Quentyn to discuss terms for the meeting. Denzo tells the Dornish prince to find a door marked with a purple lotus near the spice market at sunset the next day. Quentyn agrees and tells Denzo that the Tattered Prince can bring two men, as he will be accompanied by Drinkwater and Archibald.

The three Dornishmen leave to meet the Tattered Prince an hour before sunset, bearing weapons. On their way, Archibald and Gerris point out that they might face violence or other retribution from the Tattered Prince for their betrayal. Quentyn agrees it is possible, but they continue walking. The three then discuss waiting for Daenerys’ return, and the possibility of killing Hizdahr zo Loraq to allow Quentyn to marry her. Quentyn fears that his friends have lost sight of why they are in Meereen—for Daenerys’ dragons—and points out that he has Targaryen blood and can therefore tame at least one of the remaining two. Gerris balks at his plan, and points out that the dragons will not care about his lineage. The Prince argues the plan is necessary to grant meaning to the deaths of Cletus and Willam Wells and to please his father.

The three eventually find a door marked with a purple lotus and enter a large but dilapidated building. An older woman greets them and takes them to a dim cellar, where Pretty Meris, Danzo D’han, Caggo Corpsekiller, and the Tattered Prince await them. Quentyn is wary as the Prince is wearing mail and has brought one man more than they had agreed upon. Quentyn expresses his displeasure at the extra bodyguard, but the Prince points out that Maris is not a man. The Prince remains resentful of the Dornishmen’s betrayal, as it resulted in the imprisonment of several of his best men. To persuade the Prince to join their side, Quentyn promises to double the amount being paid to the Windblown by the Yunkai once they arrive in Dorne, but the Tattered Prince is unmoved. Quentyn then reveals that he plans to steal one of the two remaining dragons in Meereen, and the Prince names Pentos the price of his allegiance.

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