Yurkhaz zo Yunzak

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YunkaiHarpie.pngYurkhaz zo YunzakYunkaiHarpie.png
Title Supreme Commander of the Armies and Allies of Yunkai[1]
Allegiance Wise Masters
Culture Ghiscari
Born Yunkai[2]
Died 300 AC
Daznak's Pit, Meereen[3]
Book A Dance with Dragons (appears)

Yurkhaz zo Yunzak is a Yunkish noble and the Supreme Commander of the Armies and Allies of Yunkai.[1]


Ancient and frail,[4] Yurkhaz is bent-backed, wrinkled, and toothless.[5]

Yurkhaz is carried around upon a palanquin so large forty slaves are needed to carry it.[6] He owns a group of Yunkish castrati slaves who sing songs in the ancient tongues of the Old Empire of Ghis.[5]


Yurkhaz is an old Yunkish hero.[6]

Recent Events

Storm of Swords

After the battle near Yunkai, Daenerys Targaryen forces the Wise Masters to free the slaves in Yunkai.[7] After Daenerys departs for Meereen, the Wise Masters hire sellswords and seek alliances against her.[8]

A Dance with Dragons

Yurkhaz signs the contract hiring the Windblown.[9] His army is successful in the siege of Astapor, but they are only victorious because of the sellsword legions hired by the Yunkai'i. The leadership of the Wise Masters is questioned by many of the sellswords.[6] Yurkhaz tasks the Windblown and the Company of the Cat with preventing Astapori refugees from reaching Yunkai.[6]

When Yezzan zo Qaggaz hosts the Yunkish supreme commander during the second siege of Meereen, Yurkhaz is attended by a dozen other lords. The enslaved Penny and Tyrion Lannister are forced to perform during the gathering. Entertained by their antics, Yurkhaz persuades Yezzan that the dwarfs should have the honor of jousting in the Great Pit of Daznak to celebrate the signing of peace between Yunkai and Meeren.[4]

Yurkhaz is among the seven commanders who enter Meereen to sign the peace and witness the opening of the fighting pits. During the feast held in the Great Pyramid, Daenerys Targaryen sees her new husband, Hizdahr zo Loraq, laughing with Yurkhaz and the other Yunkish lords.[5]

During the opening of Daznak's Pit, Drogon, one of Daenerys's three dragons, appears and panic ensues. Drogon flies away with Daenerys on his back.[10] Yurkhaz perishes as he tries to flee the dragon, either having been crushed beneath the feet of his own fleeing slaves and companions, or because his heart burst in terror.[11] In the Purple Lotus, the Tattered Prince tells Quentyn Martell he saw Yurkhaz trampled to death.[9]

A council of masters takes command of the Yunkish army,[11] and supreme command passes amongst the Wise Masters.[9] Claiming that Yurkhaz's death is a breach of the peace, the Yunkai'i execute one of their hostages, Admiral Groleo, and demand the deaths of the other two dragons, Viserion and Rhaegal.[11] According to Skahaz mo Kandaq, the Wise Masters are using Yurkhaz's death to encourage Hizdahr to kill the dragons.[12]


The human prune in the place of honor was evidently the Yunkish supreme commander, who looked about as formidable as a loose stool.[4]

—thoughts of Tyrion Lannister

The Yunkish Supreme Commander, Yurkhaz zo Yunzak, might have been alive during Aegon's Conquest, to judge by his appearance.[5]

—thoughts of Daenerys Targaryen

The Yellow City mourns its noble son Yurkhaz zo Yunzak, who perished cruelly whilst a guest of Meereen. Blood must pay for blood.[11]

Quentyn: Yurkhaz zo Yunzak is dead.
Tattered Prince: Ancient tidings. I saw him die. The poor man saw a dragon and stumbled as he tried to flee. Then a thousand of his closest friends stepped on him. No doubt the Yellow City is awash in tears. Did you ask me here to toast his memory?[9]

The Yunkai'i played us a mummer's farce, with noble Hizdahr as chief mummer. The issue was never Yurkhaz zo Yunzak. The other slavers would gladly have trampled that old fool themselves. This was to give Hizdahr a pretext to kill the dragons.[12]