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Free City
HBO dothraki khalasar to Qohor.png
Qohor's army outside of the walls of the city
Location Essos, Free Cities, the Forest of Qohor
Religion Black Goat of Qohor (god)
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Qohor, also known as the City of Sorcerers in folklore, is one of the nine Free Cities located in western Essos. Out of all the free cities, it is the easternmost.[1]


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The easternmost of the Free Cities,[2][3][4][5] Qohor is surrounded by strong walls.[1] The Qohorik rule the river above the ruins of Ar Noy.[6] To the north-west lies Norvos, and to the south Volantis.[3][4] Standing on the banks of the river Qhoyne, a tributary of the Rhoyne, on the western edge of the Forest of Qohor, the city is seen as a gateway to the east. Trading caravans bound for Vaes Dothrak and the lands beyond the Bones provision themselves in Qohor before heading towards the Dothraki Sea. Similarly, caravans returning from the Dothraki Sea arrive first at Qohor.[1]


Qohor is the most exotic of the Free Cities. In folklore, as well as in Westeros, Qohor is sometimes called the City of Sorcerers. This due to the believe that the dark arts, such as divination, blood magic, and necromancy, are practiced in the city.[1]

The Qohorik believe in a rather dark god, known as the Black Goat of Qohor, who demands a daily blood sacrifice - calves, bullocks and horses on regular days, condemned criminals on holy days. In times of crisis, the nobles of the city are even willing to sacrifice their own children in the hopes that their god will defend the city.[1] Followers of R'hllor can also be found in Qohor.[7]

The hunters, foresters, and artisans of Qohor are most famed.[1] The Qohorik are not material, and Qohor only has a small city watch. Ever since the Battle of Qohor, the city's defense has been entrusted to the Unsullied from Astapor, each carrying a spear with a braid of human hair.[1][8] Occasionally, Qohor also hires free companies, and is one of several Free Cities to offer gifts to Dothraki khals so they'll pass on.[1]


A coin of Qohor, as depicted by Nutchapol Thitinunthakorn in The World of Ice and Fire

Due to its location, Qohor functions like the gateway to the Dothraki Sea, being the last place the caravans travelling to the Dothraki city Vaes Dothrak and the lands beyond visit, and being the first place the caravans visit upon returning. When these caravans return, they sell and trade the items they've acquired, and it is this trade that helped make Qohor one of the most richest of the Free Cities - though it is said that Qohor was ten times richer before Sarnor was destroyed.[1]

It is the woods surrounding Qohor which are the principal source of wealth of the city. Wood from this forest is shiped down the Qhoyne to Dagger Lake, Selhorys, Valysar, Volon Therys, and Volantis.[1] In addition to this trade, many other valuables can be found in the Forest of Qohor.[1][9] Qohorik tapestries, are comparable in to those made by the Myrish, though cheaper. Exquisite wooden carvings are sold on the city's markets as well.[1]

Qohorik forges are considered to have no equa. The armor they create is seen as superior to the armor made in Westeros. They are capable of infusing a deel colour into the metal, begetting beautiful results. Additionally, the Qohorik are the only ones in the world who still possess the knowledge on how to rework Valyrian steel, a secret they guard strictly. According to Westerosi Maester Pol, he was whipped on three occasions when looking into the matter of reworking Valyrian steel too much, up to the point where he had a hand removed. He eventually was exiled. According to the maester, blood sacrifices are used for this purpose.[1]


Qohor was founded by religious dissidents that abandoned Valyria, rejecting the religious tolerance practiced by the Freehold.[10]

Century of Blood

Main article: Century of Blood

Shortly after the Doom of Valyria, the dragonlord Aurion raised a host of Qohorik colonists and proclaimed himself the Emperor of Valyria; flying out on the back of his dragon, with thirty thousand men to claim what remained of Valyria and reestablish the Freehold. None were seen again.[11] At the start of the Century of Blood that folowed the Doom, a Dothraki khalasar of fifty thousand, led by Khal Temmo, rode out from the east. Qohor prepared for the arrival of the Dothraki, strengthening their walls, hiring the Bright Banners and the Second Sons. They also sent a man to Astapor, to purchase Unsullied. The three thousand Unsullied he bought arrived after the Qohorik and sellswords had been defeated. The Dothraki returned the following day to smash the city gates, and had to face the three thousand of Qohor. The Unsullied withstood eighteen charges of the Dothraki. In the end, out of the roughly twenty thousand Dothraki warriors, more than twelve thousand had died, defeated by the Unsullied in the bloody Battle of Qohor. With Khal Temmo dead, the new Khal led the Dothraki through the gates defeated, and all the Dohtraki cut off their braids. Since that day, Qohor's defenses are mostly left to the Unsullied.[1][8]

Towards the end of the Century of Blood, Qohor formed an alliance with Norvos and broke Volantene power on the Rhoyne in a battle involving fire galleys on Dagger Lake.[1][11][6]

Recent History

Shortly after being created in 211 AC,[12] the Golden Company sacked Qohor, after the city refused to honor the contract it had made with the company. This event established the reputation of the sellword company quickly.[13]

Qohor is visited every three or four years by Dothraki Khal Zekko. The Qohorik give him gifts, and he moves his khalasar on.[14]

Ben Plumm claims to be part Qohorik, through his grandmother.[15] The slave Belwas was sold from Meereen to Qohor, before being sold to Pentos.[16] During their exile, Viserys and Daenerys Targaryen spent some time in Qohor when they were wandering from place to place.[17] Tobho Mott in King's Landing learned to smith in Qohor, and is one of the few to know how to rework Valyrian steel.[18]

Recent Events

A Game of Thrones

Daenerys Targaryen passes Qohor during the journey of Khal Drogo's khalasar from Pentos to Vaes Dothrak.[9][19]

A Clash of Kings

The sellsword company the Brave Companions, also known as the Bloody Mummers, led by Qohorik Vargo Hoat, take part in the War of the Five Kings on the side of House Lannister.[20][21] Hoat changes sides during the conflict, supporting Robb Stark instead, and aids Roose Bolton in taking Harrenhal from the Lannisters.[22]

A Storm of Swords

Fearing retribtion when Roose Bolton defects to the side of House Lannister, Vargo Hoat maims Jaime Lannister by cutting off his sword hand,[7] hoping to break the possibility of an alliance between Bolton and Tywin Lannister.[23] Harrenhal is recaptured by Gregor Clegane, and Vargo's hands are cut off.[24] Hoat was killed by Clegane before the latter left for King's Landing.[25]

A Feast for Crows

Garin tells Arianne Martell that according to sailors in Planky Town, followers of R'hllor had rioted and tried to burn down the Black Goat.[7]

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