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Nefer, referred to by travelers as the Secret City, is the capital of N'ghai,[1] and the kingdom's last remaining city.[2] The city enjoys a sinister reputation as a haunt of necromancers and torturers.[2]



Nefer is a port city located in the Further East of Essos, at the mouth of a river which ends into the Shivering Sea. North of Nefer are the Thousand Islands. South of the city lie the Plains of the Jogos Nhai, the Bleeding Sea, and the Cannibal Sands. Directly to the east stretches the remaining kingdom of N'ghai, adjacent to and the forests of Mossovy.[3]


Nefer is hemmed in by towering chalk cliffs. The city is constantly shrouded in fog. When seen from the harbor, it appears to be no more than a small town. However, it is said that nine-tenths of the city is located beneath the ground, out of sight, giving the city its nickname: the Secret City.[2]


Wars with the Jogos Nhai strongly reduced the kingdom of N'ghai. Due to attacks from the Jogos Nhai, the city Nefer is the only city that remains of the kingdom of N'ghai.[4]

Corlys Velaryon was the first Westerosi to visit Nefer.[1]


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