Plains of the Jogos Nhai

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Jogos Nhai astride zorses on the plains - by Marc Simonetti ©

The plains of the Jogos Nhai are in Essos, east of the Great Sand Sea and the Howling Hills, north of Yi Ti and the Shrinking Sea, and west of N'Ghai and the Bleeding Sea. To the north is Leviathan Sound and the Shivering Sea.[1][2]


The Jogos Nhai, a race of nomadic mounted warriors, live in small bands on windswept plains and rolling hills. The plains are drier and less fertile than the Dothraki sea, having sparse grass. The zorses of the Jogos Nhai eat weeds and devilgrass.[3]


Before the Dry Times, the Jogos Nhai warred with the Patrimony of Hyrkoon and brought thousands of Hyrkoon to the plains as slaves. Yi Ti has invaded the plains in multiple campaigns.[3]


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