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Red, parched barren plains

The red waste is a region on the continent of Essos. It is a forbidding landscape of stunted trees, devil grass and ancient ruins, which stretches southwards for hundreds of miles.



The red waste is located south of the Dothraki Sea and Lhazar, the land of the Lhazareen. It is east of Slaver's Bay and its hinterlands, north of the fabled city of Qarth, and west of the Bone Mountains. It is a land of low hills, barren windswept plains, dry rivers[1] and red parched soil,[2] where the necessities of living are hard to come by. There are few things in the Red Waste that will support life. There is little forage and shallow, bitter, stagnant pools of water. Wood is hard to find, with the best being gnarled and tough.[2]

Within the red waste are four abandoned cities, Vaes Tolorro, Vaes Orvik, Vaes Shirosi, and Vaes Qosar. South of the red waste along the Summer Sea are, from west to east, the cities of Port Yhos, Qarkash, and Qarth.[3]

Recent Events

A Clash of Kings

Following the comet and avoiding rival Dothraki, Daenerys Targaryen leads her small khalasar across the red waste, losing many of the weaker members of her group. They eventually stumble upon an abandoned city, which they name Vaes Tolorro and rest while Dany sends her bloodriders to scout and explore. Eventually, from the southeast, Jhogo returns with three envoys from Qarth.[4]


She felt older than her fourteen years. If ever she had truly been a girl, that time was done. [5]
- Daenerys in the Red Waste

Dany hungered and thirsted with the rest of them. [6]

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