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Great Moraq is a large island across the Jade Gates from Qarth. It appears to be the largest island in the known world.[1] It separates the Summer Sea to the west from the Jade Sea to the east. West of Great Moraq are Vahar and Lesser Moraq, while to the south is the Isle of Elephants. East of the great island is the Isle of Whips and, in the Jade Gates to the north, is Qal.

The northern half of Great Moraq is a mixture of plains, hills, and small forests, while the southern half of the island is densely forested. The city of Faros is situated at the mouth of a river on the northern stretch of its western coast. At the southern point of Great Moraq is the city of Port Moraq on the Cinnamon Straits.

Because of the prevailing winds, the eastern shore of Great Moraq is lightly settled and rarely visited. The western shore is more populous and is connected with the Jade Sea trade routes.[2]


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