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The North and the location of Skagos
The North and the location of Skagos
The North and the location of Skagos

Skagos is a large island in the mouth of the Bay of Seals. In theory, the island is part of the North and subject to Winterfell. However, the island has very little contact with the mainland, and in practice they rule themselves.[1] The name “Skagos” means “stone” in the Old Tongue.[2]

Maester Balder's The Edge of the World is the largest collection of tales regarding the island.[3] A popular myth states that unicorns live on Skagos.[2][4] The island has a dread reputation; even the hardened sailor the Blind Bastard feared to go there.[4]



The large island is located in the mouth of the Bay of Seals, on the northern coast of Westeros. Nearby is the isle Skane and beyond it is the Shivering Sea. Skagos is mountainous and forbidding with rough and treacherous currents around the isle.[2] Sailing is hazardous, especially during the autumn storms when the cold can freeze ropes and sails.


The people of Skagos call themselves "Skagosi", which means "Stoneborn" in the Old Tongue. Other northmen derisively call them "Skaggs."[2] Donal Noye recalls meeting "Skagossons" at Eastwatch-by-the-Sea.[5] Descendents of the First Men, Skagosi are considered savage, little more than tribes of raiders who are thought to be cannibals.[2][4]

According to Roose Bolton, the inhabitants of Skagos still continue the tradition of the first night.[6]


The only Skagosi house that has been mentioned in the books is House Magnar.[5] In semi-canon sources the following are mentioned:[7]


It is said that in ancient days, men of Skagos sailed to Skane, seizing all the women, killing all the men, and feasting on their hearts and livers for a fortnight. Skane has been uninhabited since.[2][8]

It is not known at what time Skagos became subject to the supremacy of Winterfell, but they rebelled one hundred years ago. The rebellion was suppressed at the cost of the lives of the Lord of Winterfell and hundreds of his soldiers.[2]

According to legend, Bael the Bard entered Winterfell under the guise of a singer named Sygerrik of Skagos; "Sygerrik" means "deceiver" in the Old Tongue.[9]

Recent Events

A Dance with Dragons

The galleys Oledo and Old Mother's Son are driven onto the rocks of Skagos after setting sail from the Wall.[4] Cotter Pyke sees the wreckage of a galley along the coast of the island.[10]

Davos Seaworth learns from Lord Wyman Manderly that Rickon Stark is alive and has been taken to Skagos by Osha. Davos is sent to retrieve the boy.[11][12]


Only heart trees ever see half of what they do on Skagos.[6]
- Roose Bolton to Theon Greyjoy

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