Acorn Water

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The Acorn Water is a small river near Winterfell in the North. There is a mill located on it.[1]

Recent events

A Clash of Kings

After Ser Rodrik Cassel captures "Reek", his party stops at the mill for a while before continuing to Winterfell. The miller's wife sold them hay for their horses.[1]

After the capture of Winterfell, Bran and Rickon Stark disappear from the castle. At the request of Reek, who is now Theon Greyjoy's servant, Theon searches for the Stark children near the mill.[1] The ironborn raiders Gelmarr, Aggar, and Gynir are also in attendance when the miller's two young sons at the mill are murdered; Gelmarr kills the miller's wife with his axe. After the three raiders are found dead in Winterfell in the following days, Theon blames Farlen for their deaths without evidence. Theon later recollects that Reek was responsible for the murders.[2]