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The north and the location of Goldgrass
The north and the location of Goldgrass
The north and the location of Goldgrass

Goldgrass is the seat of House Stout in the north.[1]


House Stout's modest keep is near the eastern gate of Barrowton in the barrowlands. It has a hall, stables, and gates.[2]

Lord Harwood Stout's young and pasty-faced guards wear leather brigandines and cloaks of gold and russet.[2]

Recent Events

A Dance with Dragons

When Ramsay Bolton returns to Barrowton after unsuccessfully searching for missing Frey envoys, he insists that the petty lord Harwood Stout hold a feast in his hall, as Barbrey Dustin, Lady of Barrowton, has barred Ramsay from nearby Barrow Hall. Maude and Grey Jeyne, two of the Bastard's girls, kill one of Lord Stout's old hounds. After Roose Bolton, Lord of the Dreadfort, arrives, he speaks privately with his son in the hall, with Theon Greyjoy the only other attendee. Roose then brings Theon with him to speak with Barbrey at Barrow Hall.[2]


It should have been you who threw the feast, to welcome me back, and it should have been in Barrow Hall, not this pisspot of a castle.[2]


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