Cape Kraken

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The north and the location of Cape Kraken
The north and the location of Cape Kraken
Cape Kraken
The north and the location of Cape Kraken

Cape Kraken is a cape in the southwestern part of the north.


Extending into the Sunset Sea, Cape Kraken lies south of Blazewater Bay and west of Flint's Finger and the Flint Cliffs. The Iron Islands are south of the cape,[1] which is named after the sea creature.


Some maesters believe the blood of Cape Kraken's people is closer to that of ironborn than northmen.[2]


In antiquity, children of the forest lived in the primeval woodland which stretched from Cape Kraken to Cape Wrath.[3]

Cape Kraken has long been disputed by the north and the Iron Islands.[2] Theon Stark, King in the North, drove the ironborn from Cape Kraken, but Loron Greyjoy, High King of the Iron Islands, later retook the cape. The sons and grandsons of King Rodrik Stark then battled the ironmen for the region.[4]

Recent Events

A Clash of Kings

The forces of Balon Greyjoy sail past Cape Kraken when they attack the north during the War of the Five Kings.[5] Victarion Greyjoy leads the Iron Fleet around the cape toward the Saltspear for his attack against Moat Cailin.[6]


Large tracts of the Stony Shore, Bear Island, Sea Dragon Point, and Cape Kraken have all been held by ironmen at times. Indeed, Cape Kraken, closest to the Iron Islands, has changed hands so many times that many maesters believe its populace to be closer in blood to the ironmen than to Northmen.[2]

—writings of Yandel


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