Loron Greyjoy

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House Greyjoy.svg King
Loron Greyjoy
the Old Kraken
House Greyjoy.svg
Title High King of the Iron Islands[1]
Personal Information
Alias The Old Kraken[1]
Culture ironborn[1]
Dynasty House Greyjoy[1]

Loron Greyjoy, known as the Old Kraken, was a High King of the Iron Islands from House Greyjoy.[1]


Loron was chosen by a kingsmoot.[2][3] He led an invasion of the western shores of the north, taking Bear Island and Cape Kraken in the process. After the Old Kraken died, King Rodrik Stark reclaimed Bear Island, while his sons and grandsons battled for Cape Kraken.[1]

Recent History

A Feast for Crows

After the death of Balon Greyjoy, Aeron Greyjoy calls for a kingsmoot, reminding Lord Meldred Merlyn that the Old Kraken was raised by one, among other High Kings of the Iron Islands.[2] While contending for the Seastone Chair, Euron Greyjoy boasts his descent from Loron Greyjoy, the Old Kraken.[3]


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