Rodrik Stark

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House Stark.svg King
Rodrik Stark
House Stark.svg
Title King in the North
Personal Information
Buried Winterfell
Culture Northmen
Dynasty House Stark
Issue Sons

Rodrik Stark was a King in the North and head of House Stark. His statue is in the crypts of Winterfell, near that of Torrhen Stark.[1]


After the death of the Old Kraken, Loron Greyjoy, King Rodrik is claimed to have won Bear Island from the ironborn and granted the island to House Mormont.[1][2] The histories of the north claim that Rodrik won Bear Island back from the ironborn in a wrestling match. Some maesters believe there is truth to this tale, for the driftwood kings were often moved to prove their prowess and right to their crown with feats of strength. Other scholars question the tale and suggest that Rodrik had won the island back with words.[3]

After his death, Rodrik's sons and grandsons battled the ironborn for Cape Kraken, though the resulting battles were less decisive.[2]


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