Mormont Keep

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Mormont Keep is the semi-canonical name[1] for the seat of House Mormont on Bear Island in the north. It is a wood-walled castle with a smoky keep.[2] The Mormonts' hall is built of huge logs and is surrounded by an earthen palisade.[3] On the gate there is a carving of a woman in a bearskin with a babe suckling at her breast in one arm and a battleaxe in the other.[4]


My home was a great disappointment to Lynesse. It was too cold, too damp, too far away, my castle no more than a wooden longhall. We had no masques, no mummer shows, no balls or fairs. Seasons might pass without a singer ever coming to play for us, and there's not a goldsmith on the island. Even meals became a trial. My cook knew little beyond his roasts and stews, and Lynesse soon lost her taste for fish and venison.[3]