A Clash of Kings-Chapter 56

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Theon V
A Clash of Kings chapter
POVTheon Greyjoy
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Theon is having another nightmare when Reek awakens him to inform him of his sister’s arrival in Winterfell. He has been having nightmares of the evening he and Reek killed the boys at the old mill and mounted their tarred heads on the gates of Winterfell. Theon is concerned because several of his men have mysteriously turned up dead recently. Asha has arrived with only 20 men, and she berates him for a fool for the slaughter of two innocent children, both of whom were princes. Asha plans to leave him only ten men, despite Theon’s protests that the remainder of the North is mobilizing against him, and that Dagmer was defeated at Torrhen's Square, allowing Ser Rodrik Cassel to begin marching back to Winterfell. Asha tells him he should have burnt Winterfell to the ground and brought the two princes to Pyke as hostages. Asha again calls him a fool for his actions, but gives him one last chance to burn Winterfell and return to Deepwood Motte with her. Theon will not hear of it, not wishing to give up his prize. He tells his sister he killed the boys to pay for Rodrik and Maron, hoping his father would approve. Asha departs in disgust. Reek asks Theon for a bag of coin and leave to gather men, revealing he was born in the North and promising to gather between 100-200 men or more to help in the defense of Winterfell. Theon, desperate for a larger garrison, agrees.

That night, Theon dreams of the night King Robert feasted at Winterfell, nearly two years before. But all the diners are dead, Robert with his guts spilling out, Lord Eddard headless, and dozens of others Theon has known. But there are others he has never met, a sad girl with a crown of winter roses who could only be Lyanna Stark, Ned’s brother Brandon and father Rickard. And then Robb enters the hall with Grey Wind at his side, both bleeding from dozens of savage wounds. Theon awakes, and goes outside; thinking that the castle belongs to the Starks and that he should have gone with his sister. He stares at the heads above the gatehouse, and reflects on what fools people are when they look with their hearts and not their eyes. The heads on the wall are from the miller’s sons, for Theon and Reek had never found Bran and Rickon.[1]

References and Notes

  1. Jojen Reed's precognitive dream from Chapter 35 is fulfilled here

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