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Star of the Faith.svg Septon
Star of the Faith.svg
Title Septon
Culture Northmen
Born near the White Knife
Died 299 AC

Chayle is a septon from the Faith of the Seven. He is the guardian of Winterfell's sept, where he hangs carved masks of the Seven,[1] and the librarian of the castle's library tower.[2][3]


Chayle is young[3] and cheerful.[4] He believes that Hodor has a gentle spirit.[5] He wears the crystal of his order on a silver chain.[3]


Chayle grew up on the shores of the White Knife and is a very good swimmer.[6]

Recent Events

A Game of Thrones

Septon Chayle falls asleep reading about Grand Maester Aethelmure while Tyrion Lannister explores Winterfell's library.[3] The library tower is set afire when the catspaw tries to assassinate Bran Stark.[7]

A Clash of Kings

While they are sorting through some scrolls from Winterfell's library fire, Chayle tells Bran that the red comet "is the sword that slays the season." Bran thinks he probably is right since a white raven has arrived from Oldtown bringing word of autumn.[8]

Jojen Reed foresees the death of Chayle in his green dreams. When Bran tells Chayle of his nearing death, Chayle holds to his faith.[6] After Winterfell is taken by the ironborn, Chayle is struck when he tries to assist Palla,[9] who has been raped.[10] Theon Greyjoy has Chayle thrown into a well to honor the Drowned God.[10]

A dripping Chayle appears in Theon's nightmare of King Robert I Baratheon's feast of the dead at Winterfell.[10]

Quotes by Chayle

The gods will take me when they see fit, though I scarcely think it likely that I'll drown, Bran.[6]

—Chayle to Bran Stark

Quotes about Chayle

I bear you no ill will, but you and your gods have no place here now.[10]

Theon Greyjoy to Chayle

Behind the Scenes

Septon Cellador is erroneously called "Septon Chayle" on one occasion in A Dance with Dragons, Jon X.[11]