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Tyrion I
A Game of Thrones chapter
POV Tyrion Lannister
Place Winterfell
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Tyrion II

Tyrion meets up with his nephew Joffrey and insists he pay his sympathies to the Starks, before joining his brother and sister for breakfast with news that Bran Stark will probably survive.


Tyrion has been reading all night in Winterfell's library when he hears a wolf howl. He gives up on reading, noticing that it's near dawn and that Septon Chayle is asleep. Tyrion wakes him and goes out to break his fast. As he leaves, Tyrion hears Sandor Clegane complaining about how long Bran Stark is taking to die. Prince Joffrey states that at least Bran is dying quietly, but the wolf's howling is disturbing his sleep. The Hound offers to go kill it, which Joffrey finds amusing, believing the Starks would not notice it missing. Tyrion notes that the Starks can count past six, unlike some princes.

The Hound uses the remark as an excuse to make fun of Tyrion's height. Tyrion brushes the comment off before advising Joffrey to pay a visit to the Starks to offer his sympathies. When Joffrey asks what good it would do, Tyrion tells him that his absence has been noticed. Joffrey continues to refuse, but Tyrion proceeds to browbeat him to the edge of tears until the boy acquiesces. The Hound, looming over Tyrion, warns him that the prince will remember how his uncle slapped him. Tyrion responds that he hopes he does and that the Hound should be a good dog and remind Joffrey if he forgets it.

Tyrion then seeks out his brother and sister, who are having breakfast in the morning room of the guest house. He asks if King Robert is still in bed and Cersei disdainfully explains that Robert has been up all night with Lord Eddard and has taken the Starks' sorrow deeply to heart. When Jaime adds that Robert has a big heart, Tyrion remembers that during his childhood Jaime was the only person who ever showed him any affection or respect. In return, Tyrion is willing to forgive Jaime almost anything.

As Tyrion orders breakfast, Prince Tommen asks after Bran and says he doesn't want him to die. Jaime comments on the name "Brandon" being unlucky, but Tyrion states this may not be the case, explaining that Maester Luwin thinks that Bran may recover. As he speaks, Tyrion catches the significant glance between Jaime and Cersei. Cersei immediately insists it is no mercy for Bran to live. When Myrcella asks if Bran will be alright, Tyrion replies that Bran will never walk again. Tyrion goes on to say that the wolf howling outside his window may be contributing to Bran's survival: when the window is closed Bran gets weaker, but his heart strengthens again when it is open. Cersei responds that the wolves disturb her and are dangerous, but Jaime tells her the girls' wolves will doubtless follow them to King's Landing.

Tyrion then reveals to his family that he intends to visit the Wall before returning south. Jaime jokes that he hopes Tyrion is not planning to take the black, but Tyrion quips back that if he did the whores would go begging. Cersei leaves abruptly with her children, insisting they shouldn't hear such filth, while Jaime wonders if Eddard will leave Winterfell with Bran so ill. Tyrion insists that King Robert will make the choice for Eddard.

Jaime declares that if he were Eddard, he would end Bran's torment and save him from being a cripple. Tyrion, himself less than able-bodied, advises Jaime not to say as much to Eddard before wondering out loud what tale Bran might tell if he wakes up. Jaime is not amused and wonders aloud about Tyrion's loyalty. Tyrion replies that Jaime knows how much he loves his family.

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