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Bran Stark and Hodor.jpg
Summer, Bran, and Hodor by Amok

Alias Prince of the green
Prince of the wolfswood
Prince of the woods
Allegiance Bran Stark
Race Direwolf
Born In 298 AC, at the north
Book(s) A Game of Thrones (appears)
A Clash of Kings (appears)
A Storm of Swords (appears)
A Feast for Crows (mentioned)
A Dance with Dragons (appears)

TV series Season 1 | Season 2 | Season 3 | Season 4 | Season 6

Summer is the direwolf bonded to Bran Stark. He is the litter-mate of Grey Wind, Lady, Nymeria, Shaggydog and Ghost.


Summer has silvery grey fur and yellow eyes.[1]

Recent Events

A Game of Thrones

Summer and Shaggydog in the TV series

Summer is found with his litter-mates in the snow near their dead mother by Jon Snow and Robb Stark.[2] Bran has difficulty choosing a name for his new direwolf pup, going through a thousand names without settling on one.[3] After Bran's fall, Summer spends every moment he can howling beneath his window. Even when chased away, Summer returns and continues howling.[4] An intruder enters Bran's room with the intent to kill him. Summer sneaks behind the man while he is occupied with Catelyn Tully and attacks him, tearing out his throat, ending the attack.[5] When Bran awakes from his coma-like state, he gives a name to his wolf, Summer.[6]

During Tyrion Lannister's return to Winterfell, Rickon arrives with the direwolves Summer, Grey Wind and Shaggydog in tow. When they catch the scent of the Tyrion, all three direwolves move to corner him and Tyrion is only saved when the Starks call off their wolves.[1] During Bran's first ride on a horse since his fall, Robb, Grey Wind and Summer go in search of deer, leaving Bran alone. A small party of wildlings come upon Bran and promptly try to rob him. Robb, Grey Wind and Summer return and a fight ensues. Summer kills Hali, taking a knife wound in the process. All of the wildlings are killed except for Osha, who surrenders and is taken captive for further questioning.[7]

A Clash of Kings

Shaggydog and Summer are confined to the godswood at Winterfell after Shaggy bites Little Walder Frey.[8] When Winterfell is captured by Theon Greyjoy, Summer hears the ironmen coming in and tries to climb a tree to get out of the godswood, but falls to the ground. The following night, the two wolves escape the castle with their masters, but remain in the forest while the boys return to Winterfell and hide in the crypts. They evade Theon Greyjoy's hunting party and witness the Sack of Winterfell from outside the castle. After the Boltons depart, leaving Winterfell deserted, they reunite with their masters in the castle yard.

A Storm of Swords

Bran opens his third eye as a warg and enters into Summer, where he encounters a pack of wolves eating a fresh kill. Bran inhabits Summer's mind as Summer fights the wolf pack for the carcass. It is only due to the interference of Hodor, acting on Jojen Reed's command, that Bran is forcibly made to vacate Summer's mind.[9] At Queenscrown Summer attacks Styr's wildlings, giving Jon Snow an opening to escape them. He is wounded by them, and Bran has a hard time entering him while he is in pain. Through Summer, Bran dreams of the deaths of Robb and Grey Wind.

A Dance with Dragons

In Jon Snow's wolf dream Ghost can no longer sense Summer.[10] Summer accompanies Bran in his trip beyond the Wall, limping from a wounded leg. Bran can feel the pain when he is in Summer. Summer is able to smell that Coldhands is dead. When they arrive at a deserted wildling village, Bran sends Summer to hunt and Summer meets the pack of Varamyr's wolves eating the remains of the dead Night's Watch deserters. After fighting the alpha wolf, One Eye, Summer is able to take over leadership of the pack.[11]

Summer accompanies Bran to the hill of the cave of the last greenseer. When the party is attacked by wights, Summer heroically defends Bran while he attempts to enter Hodor. After the wights are scared away by the fire of Leaf's torch, he enters the cave and is by Bran's side when he awakes.[12]

Quotes about Summer

The black one is full of fear and rage, but the grey is strong … stronger than he knows … can you feel him, sister?[13]

I saw Bran’s wolf tear out a man’s throat at Winterfell, and loved him for it.[14]

Summer’s howls were long and sad, full of grief and longing. Shaggydog’s were more savage. Their voices echoed through the yards and halls until the castle rang and it seemed as though some very pack of direwolves haunted Winterfell, instead of only two… two where they had once been six. Do they miss their brothers and sisters too? Bran wondered. Are they calling to Grey Wind and Ghost, to Nymeria and Lady’s Shade? Do they want them to come home and be a pack together?[8]

Bran Stark's thoughts