Mutiny at Castle Black

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Mutiny at Castle Black
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"Knives in the dark" by Conor Campbell©
Conflict Conflict beyond the Wall
Date 300 AC
Place Castle Black
Result Unresolved; apparent death of Lord Commander Jon Snow
Orchestrator First Steward Bowen Marsh
Perpetrator Bowen Marsh
Wick Whittlestick
Other mutineers
Target Lord Commander Jon Snow
Victims Lord Commander Jon Snow

The mutiny at Castle Black is a mutiny involving the Night's Watch at Castle Black.


Weeks after Stannis Baratheon departed for Winterfell, Lord Commander Jon Snow receives a taunting letter purportedly from Ramsay Bolton, addressed to 'Bastard,' which claims that Stannis has been defeated and Mance Rayder captured. It demands fealty from Jon to House Bolton if the Night's Watch is to survive and gives a detailed account of Ramsay's actions. Jon views it in disgust, as it repeatedly sullies the honor of what was once the ancient seat of House Stark.[1] He responds to Ramsay's letter by relinquishing command of an impending ranging to Hardhome and announces his intention to ride south against the Boltons. He does not order the Night's Watch to fight with him, but asks both wildlings and black brothers alike to join him of their own volition.

The Mutiny

Jon's decision, which is in violation of his oaths, though his goal is also to protect the Watch from Ramsay Bolton, causes great discontent within the Watch's upper leadership. In the confusion resulting from Wun Wun's killing of Ser Patrek of King's Mountain, Jon is stabbed repeatedly by Bowen Marsh and other black brothers, including Wick Whittlestick, who attack in tears while muttering "for the Watch". Whether Jon survives this attack is currently unknown.