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Culture Free Folk
Died In 298 AC, at the Wolfswood
Book(s) A Game of Thrones (appears)

Hali is a wildling spearwife.


Hali is short, with a broad, flat face, and yellow hair.[1]

Recent Events

A Game of Thrones

Hali is one of the group that encountered Bran Stark in the Wolfswood who was left unattended during a hunt. The others were Osha, Stiv, Wallen and two unnamed man. Wallen and Stiv were deserters of the Night's Watch, Hali and the others were probably Wildlings. They had gone south to escape the Others.[1]

They tried to rob Bran. Suddenly Robb, Summer and Grey Wind came back to get Bran and there was a fight. Grey Wind killed Wallen and one of the unnamed wildlings. Robb killed a wildling wearing an axe and disarmed Osha. Hali was killed by Summer. Stiv then held a dagger to Bran's throat and demanded that Robb kill the direwolves. Robb hesitated but before he could act Theon killed Stiv with a well-placed arrow.[1]

Quotes about Hali

You’re as stupid as you are ugly, Hali.[1]

References and Notes

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