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Night's Watch.svgWallenNight's Watch.svg
Allegiance Night's Watch (deserted)
Culture Westeros
Died 298 AC
the wolfswood
Book A Game of Thrones (appears)

Played by Barry O'Connor
TV series Game of Thrones: Season 1

Wallen is a deserter from the Night's Watch.[1]


Wallen is gaunt, with grey stubble.[1]

Recent Events

A Game of Thrones

Wallen is one of the group that encounters Bran Stark, who is left unattended during a hunt, in the wolfswood. The others are Osha, Stiv, Hali, and two unnamed men. Wallen and Stiv are deserters of the Night's Watch, and the rest are probably wildlings gone south to escape the Others.[1]

The group tries to rob Bran, but Robb Stark, Summer, and Grey Wind defend the boy, with Grey Wind killing Wallen.[1]


Only a Stark would be fool enough to threaten where smarter men would beg.[1]

—Wallen to Bran Stark