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Varamyr Sixskins and his animals, by Elena María Vacas

Owner Varamyr Sixskins
Species Wolf
Born beyond the Wall

Sly is a female wolf. She is one of Varamyr's pack, each of which he can enter as a warg. She is cunning. When she is in heat, it is One Eye who mounts her.[1]

Recent Events

A Dance with Dragons

Sly, Stalker, and One Eye hunt down and kill a party of wildlings beyond the Wall for food. Varamyr considers which of his animals he will enter into when he dies, and decides not Sly, as he does not want to be a bitch in his new life. Varamyr dies, and enters One Eye.[1]

Bran Stark's direwolf Summer encounters the wolf pack eating the remains of the dead Night's Watch deserters. Summer recognizes that the head wolf, One Eye, has a warg within him, and they fight. After defeating One Eye and making him submit, Summer makes Sly and Stalker submit as well, and takes over leadership of the pack.[2]

Near the cave of the last greenseer, Summer and the pack find a wight snow bear, and tear it to pieces and devour it, even though the rotten meat still moves while they eat it.[3]