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Meera Reed by Amok.png
Meera Reed by Amok © Fantasy Flight Games

Culture Crannogmen
Born 283 AC[1]
Greywater Watch[2]
Father Howland Reed
Mother Jyana

Played by Ellie Kendrick
TV series Game of Thrones:
Season 3 | 4 | 6 | 7

Meera Reed is a member of House Reed. She is Lord Howland Reed's daughter and oldest child; her younger brother is Jojen Reed. In the television adaptation Game of Thrones she is portrayed by Ellie Kendrick.

Appearance and Character

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As is typical of crannogmen, Meera is short and slim.[3] She has long brown hair knotted behind her head,[3] green eyes,[4] and small breasts.[3][4]

Meera has a cheerful disposition, in contrast to her more sullen brother, Jojen,[4] and she is respectful[5] and protective.[6][7]

Meera wears worn lambskin breeches and a sleeveless jerkin with bronze scales.[3] She wields a woven net, a long bronze knife, a three-pronged frog spear, a rusted iron greathelm, and a round leathern shield.[3] Meera is a fine hunter and fisher, able to easily spear fish.[8] She has been taught by her father, Lord Howland Reed, to fight with net and spear.[5] The young woman is agile and quick to alert.[9]

Recent Events

A Clash of Kings

Meera and Jojen Reed by Amok ©
Meera in the crypt of Winterfell by Tiziano Baracchi © Fantasy Flight Games

In the middle of the harvest feast at Winterfell, Meera and her brother, Jojen, arrive. They pledge House Reed's support to Winterfell and the new King in the North, Robb Stark, renewing their vows after Lord Eddard Stark's death. The siblings recite their oath to Robb's younger brother, Bran Stark. That night, Bran dreams of the Reeds meeting Summer and Shaggydog, the direwolves of Bran and his brother Rickon, in the godswood of Winterfell.[3]

After the feast, the other lords and knights depart within a few days, but the Reeds stay at Winterfell and become Bran's constant companions. Some weeks after the feast, Meera and Jojen visit the godswood with Bran and play with Summer, and Meera defeats Summer using a net and frog spear. Bran claims that Summer won, but Jojen points out that Summer is tangled up in the net and cannot escape. Bran learns Meera was taught by her father, Lord Howland Reed, instead of a master-at-arms, and she invites him to visit Greywater Watch. Meera reveals to Bran that Jojen has the greensight, and that they were sent to Winterfell by their father. Jojen explains he has dreamed of a winged wolf and a three-eyed crow who lives beyond the Wall. He interrogates Bran about his own dreams, angering him, and Summer growls at Jojen. Though Bran tries to call him off, Summer begins to aggressively stalk Jojen, and is soon joined by Shaggydog. Jojen remains calm and tells Bran and Meera that it is not the day he dies, but follows Meera's command to climb the weirwood to escape the direwolves.[5]

Though Jojen's abilities are discounted by Maester Luwin, Meera tells Bran of one of Jojen’s green dreams. When an event happens that proves that green dream true, Bran tells Meera and Jojen about his wolf dreams and the three-eyed crow, while Jojen reveals he has dreamed the sea will come to Winterfell. When Bran tells them that Maester Luwin thinks that it should be possible to change the dreams, Meera agrees. She gets angry with her brother when Jojen tells them that what he sees always comes true. Jojen reveals that he has seen the bodies of Bran and Rickon at the feet of the man they call Reek, who is skinning off their faces with a knife. Meera states that she could go down to the dungeons and kill Reek, but Jojen tells her she will not succeed; the jailers would stop her and would not believe her if she tried to explain.[10]

After the capture of Winterfell by the ironborn, the Reed siblings and Bran are held hostage by Theon Greyjoy, who calls himself Prince of Winterfell.[6] Meera protects Rickon when Stygg kills Mikken,[6] and Theon ponders if the girl is still a maiden.[11] The Stark and Reed children later fake an escape with Osha and Hodor, however, and hide in the crypts of Winterfell.[7] Unable to find them, Theon and "Reek" murder a pair of miller's sons and present their flayed bodies as Bran and Rickon to the people of Winterfell.[11][12]

In the crypts, Meera takes the sword from the tomb of Lord Rickard Stark for protection. When Meera and the others emerge from Winterfell's crypts, they find that the castle has been burned and its people killed. In the godswood, the dying Luwin advises Osha to split up the Stark children to make them harder to find. Osha decides to take Rickon with her south, while Jojen says that he and Meera will take Bran. After they separate, Meera, Hodor, and Bran travel north upon Jojen's recommendation.[7]

A Storm of Swords

Jojen Reed and Meera cooking dinner, by mustamirri ©

Meera has been hunting for the group as they move north and is their main food provider, mainly catching fish and frogs. They camp in a place they call Tumbledown Tower, but Jojen tells them that they need to move on. Meera eventually agrees with Jojen, but gives the choice to Bran, saying he is their prince and they will do what he tells them to do. Bran finally decides to go north.[4]

Bran often watches as Meera spears fish, admiring her speed and precision. As they travel on, food becomes harder to find, even for Summer. Jojen insists that they keep away from roads because there will encounter travelers who will spread tales about a giant, a cripple boy, and a wolf. When the weather turns bad in the northern mountains, Summer finds them a cave, where they find a Liddle who shares his food and warns that the kingsroad has become more dangerous. In the morning the man is gone, but leaves some food for them.[8] Meera comforts Bran when the boy worries that Old Nan has been killed. As they move on, Bran tells the Reeds that both he and Hodor like stories about knights. Meera then tells a story about the Knight of the Laughing Tree and a crannogman, likely Howland Reed, at a great tourney in the year of the false spring.[8]

They arrive at a village in disrepair in the New Gift: the most substantial building, the inn, only has a few walls still standing. They take refuge from a storm in Queenscrown, the holdfast in the middle of the lake, but they detect men in the village, one of whom turns out to be Jon Snow traveling with wildlings. As a warg, Bran possesses Summer and attacks the wildlings going after Jon. The direwolf kills three of them, but takes an arrow to the shoulder.[13][14] The group waits until the next day to leave after the wildlings are gone. Summer, who had slunk off to nurse his wounds, finally returns, and Meera removes the arrow and treats the wound.[9]

They arrive at the Nightfort, the castle in Jojen's green dream. The surefooted Meera climbs to the top of the Wall to get a look at the other side, while the boys search the abandoned buildings, but they cannot figure out how to get across the Wall. They decide to sleep that night in the kitchen, as it would provide some warmth and protection. In the middle of the night, they hear the sound of footsteps and heavy breathing coming up from a well in the kitchen, and Meera traps what emerges in her net and sticks it with her frog spear. Once they have more light, they see she has captured a Night's Watchman, Samwell Tarly, and Gilly and her baby also exit the secret stairs in the well. Sam explains his group was aided by Coldhands, a pale man with cold black hands who was dressed in the black of the Night's Watch, who has been sent to find Bran. Sam tells them that they came through the Black Gate, a passage as old as the Wall. Sam will have to take them down through the well to the gate, because only a man sworn to the Night's Watch can open the gate. Meera, Jojen, Hodor, and Bran go down the well's stairway and through the Black Gate.[9]

A Dance with Dragons

Meera Reed by Elia Fernandez©

Meera, Jojen, Bran, Hodor, and Coldhands travel beyond the Wall in search of the three-eyed crow, riding Coldhand's great elk. The journey is difficult for all the children, as they struggle to find food and deal with the cold. They take shelter in an abandoned wildling village while Coldhands deals with a threat. The group discusses the nature of Coldhands, deciding that he is not alive. Meera does not trust him. Meera protects her weakened brother Jojen from the cold, though he tells Meera it is not the day he dies.[15]

When his elk collapses along their journey, Coldhands whispers a blessing in an unknown language and slits the animal's throat; he and Meera butcher the carcass for food. They reach the cave of the three-eyed crow, and Meera helps Jojen climp up the hill, half-carrying, half-dragging him. When the group is ambushed by wights near the entrance, Coldhands fights them off while Meera jabs at them with her spear to keep them away. Bran takes control of Hodor and attacks the wights, and Meera defends the giant man when a wight claws at him. Leaf, one of the children of the forest, fends off the wights, allowing Hodor to carry Jojen and Meera to rescue Bran's crippled body. Inside the cave, the group meet the remaining children and the three-eyed crow.[16]

They find safety in the cave, staying there for months, while Bran learns about being a greenseer from the three-eyed crow, who calls himself Brynden. Bran and Meera make up names for the children they meet. Jojen falls into a resigned depression, and a fretting Meera struggles to keep their spirits up.[17] Bran thinks he might be falling in love with Meera,[16] and he considers entering Hodor's mind so he could comfort her. Meera tells Bran that Jojen wants to go home to Greywater Watch. She says that Jojen isn't willing to try and fight his fate, stating that the greendreams do not lie. Meera says she had hoped finding the three-eyed crow would do something, but now she wonders why they even came. After Bran is fed the weirwood paste and communes with Winterfell's heart tree for the first time, Hodor returns him to their sleeping chamber in the cave, but neither Meera nor Jojen are there.[17]

Quotes by Meera

Meera: Up and down, then down and up. Then up and down again. I hate these stupid mountains of yours, Prince Bran.
Bran: Yesterday you said you loved them.
Meera: Oh, I do. My lord father told me about mountains, but I never saw one till now. I love them more than I can say.
Bran: But you just said you hated them.
Meera: Why can't it be both?[8]

—Meera and Bran Stark

Remember Old Nan's stories, Bran. Remember the way she told them, the sound of her voice. So long as you do that, part of her will always be alive in you.[8]

—Meera to Bran Stark

Quotes about Meera

Ellie Kendrick as Meera in Game of Thrones

It was hard to sulk with Meera. She was much more cheerful than her brother, and always seemed to know how to make him smile. Nothing ever scared her or made her angry. Well, except Jojen, sometimes ... Jojen Reed could scare most anyone.[4]

—thoughts of Bran Stark

The woods were full of frozen streams and cold black lakes, and Meera was as good a fisher with her three-pronged frog spear as most men were with hook and line.[15]

—thoughts of Bran Stark